Hypnosis Certification Training

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Hypnosis Certification Training


Become a Certified Hypnotherapist


by the Nations #1 Hypnosis Training School

and be working in One Week!


Approved AIA Hypnosis Training Courses



We now have Fifteen Home Study Courses for you to choose from.


  Thousands of people just like you are in a similar situation.  They're looking for a better job, ways to supplement their income and lets face it, they're just plain looking for more cash!  I want you to know that hypnosis is a solution that virtually anyone can do and it's never to late to get started.

     Hi, my name is Rene and I'd like to thank you personally for taking the time to visit this site.     

     I'm going to show you how you can start a professional new career as a hypnotherapist in less than a week.  You'll also be able to attend your training while you are still working your present job. We have an option that is sure to fit your schedule and your budget.  If not, we'll customize one to make it fit.


    "We wrote the book on Hypnosis!"

   You'll receive the absolute best,  #1 Ranked Hypnosis Training Program available today.  It's Certified and approved by the AIA, American International Association of Hypnosis and comes with more benefits than you can shake a stick at which you'll see below.



Rene A. Bastarache, CI

Author and Founder



     Don't take my word for it! . . .  I don't want you to just accept what I say without checking into it for yourself and please don't just read this page and then sit back down on the recliner with a bag of popcorn, watching Cosby Show reruns.

     Belief alone will not fill your office with clients or savings account with cash.  Instead, I want you to confirm everything and see for yourself. Experience the quality of our training with absolutely no risk.  This is the only way to absolutely prove that we have the best training and options for you!




      Our Curriculum is our Proof:  We stand behind the quality of our training.  Rather than having you take our word for it, we feel it's important for you to take your time to decide the quality  for yourself before investing anything.  We do this by allowing you to:

Download a Free Copy of our 446 page Clinical Hypnosis Manual




"This is the same curriculum that you will be using in class and that we have used to train thousands of hypnotherapist worldwide."


   Whether you decide to attend our training or not this Free Manual will definitely change your life and the way you look at things from now on. 


     So what are you waiting for?  Take the first step right now and get the ball rolling by downloading your FREE Manual Now.  By the way your privacy is very important to us so we will not share your email address with anyone. 




Here's a list of the online and live courses we have to offer!

(Click on the Title to visit each one)



  Hypnosis Certification Home Study Course   MOST POPULAR


  6 Day "Live" Hypnosis Certification Training 


  3 Day "Live" Hypnosis Certification Individual Training 


  Hypnosis Instructor Home Study Certification Course 


  Past Life Regression Home Study Course 


  Become a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, BCH   NEW


  Metaphysics Practitioner Home Study Course 


  Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques Home Study Course   NEW


 Comedy Hypnosis Home Study Course                                                 


  Telephone Hypnosis Home Study Course  


  Hypnotic Marketing Home Study Course  


  Law of Attraction Course Home Study Course  


  The Ultimate Self Healing Program


  How-to Create Your Own EBook Course   AIA Member Benefit


  Create an Automated Money Making Machine - Home Study Course 





Take your Choice of the Reasons Below

To help people use the power of their subconscious mind to create new positive habits that will replace bad ones.  Hypnosis is an extremely positive tool to enhance virtually any area of your life.  Imagine being able to help your family, friends and even clients with virtually any disorder.

     I received the following testimonial letter from one of our graduates who had battled cancer with hypnosis and won.  That alone is amazing but then I read this: 


    "I also want to tell you the good news.  I was a diabetic for several years, and was told that when a person goes on insulin shots they will be on them for the rest of their lives. Well with your hypnosis manual I proved them wrong!  I was taking blood pressure pills and insulin shots.  Now I take no blood pressure pills or insulin shots and my blood pressure and blood sugar are both in the normal range. Thanks again."

                                    Charles Lemming


      By the way, not only is Charles a recent graduate of the school but he is also 84 years old.











It is a driving force for human beings to progress and become more than they are.  As a practitioner of hypnosis you'll be considered a "Professional".  In as little as one week not only will you be able to help countless people but you will also be looked upon with respect by others.  You will have the prestige and confidence of being a winner.



You have the ability of making lots of money.  Several years back I was listening to a podcast from one of the most well-known hypnosis professionals in the state of Florida.  In this podcast he was teaching basic marketing.  One of the statements he made remained with me for a long time.  He said, "If you're not making at least $100,000 a year in this business, you're doing something wrong."  Like anything else it won't come to you if you do nothing but if you work hard you will be rewarded greatly.




You will be self-employed, your own boss.  Imagine being able to create your own schedule and work when you want to.  You can work part time or full time and schedule sessions when it is convenient.  You will find that if you can schedule just one complete day with sessions you will earn more money in that one day than you probably do in an entire week with your present job.  Once you fill up that day you will then have the freedom to choose whether you want to continue with your present job, continue working one day a week or expand into multiple days.  The only limitations are the ones that you place on yourself.






Even in a recession or a depression you can still excel in the field of hypnosis.  You will notice that the harder people struggle to get ahead in life the more you will find people that are in need of relaxation, stress reduction, smoking cessation, increased confidence and help with many other health issues.  No matter how the economy changes there will always be people in need of help in various areas of their lives.

     Being your own boss, you will be calling the shots and  totally responsible for your own income.  There will be no fear of working 20 to 30 years for someone else and being terminated just before retirement as is seen so often in this day and age.







Once you are ready to get started in business, upon graduation I suggest that you become proficient in "one" area before you expand to others.  If you are the kind of person who gets bored easily you'll be glad to know that with hypnosis there is enough variety to keep your interests.

     "Throughout my years in hypnosis I have had the opportunity to work a variety of different venues and presently have multiple streams of direct and passive income.  I started out conducting clinical hypnosis sessions and eventually went on to teach hypnosis certification classes.  I then created my own line of online CDs and MP3s which were sold at many hypnosis functions as well as online stores attached to my web pages.  I've written over 14 hypnosis related books and still conduct the occasional group hypnosis session to seed new clients into our private hypnosis practice which is mostly done over the telephone these days.  I also conduct hypnosis workshops, seminars and comedy hypnosis shows from time to time.  The variety keeps things interesting and exciting." 













How would you like to earn 150 of these per hour?

     Turn your finances and life around in as little as a week while being the envy of your family and friends.  Soon you will be a professional helping others to have added health and longer life…  Best of all you can train around your present schedule and be earning a great living in weeks rather than months or years.



Let Me Show How to Get on the Fast Track to Success.

      Do you realize that the average hypnotherapist earns between $150-$200 per hour? In fact, some charge $200 an hour simply to conduct telephone hypnosis sessions. With telephone sessions there is no overhead of renting an office.

     Throughout the years as a trainer I have noticed that as soon as students tell their friends that they are going to attend a Hypnosis Training School that people seem to come out of the woodwork asking to be hypnotized for one thing or another.  Let's face it, hypnosis is a very interesting topic and eight out of ten people that you speak to about hypnosis will have questions for you.  

     How many people do you know in your circle of influence alone that would like to improve their lives in one way or another?  That pretty much covers everyone, doesn't it?

     You'll find that there will be no shortage of people to get started with as soon as you are ready.  In addition to our training you'll also receive two marketing manuals that will get you on the fast track to accumulating clients.  Follow the steps in these manuals and you will be able to fill your schedule before you know it.  Keep in mind that even at $150 per session it would only take only one full day of sessions to exceed the pay that you are probably making right now in your full-time job.  Are you beginning to see the big picture?



Your Hypnosis Training is Only One Piece of the Puzzle

     So here you are a Hypnosis Professional.  You have all your books in one hand and your certificate in the other.  You arrive at home excited to get started with your new business, then the reality sinks in.  What do I do now?

     This is the common scenario that's been happening to new hypnotherapists for years.  Rest assured that you are not left on your own.  While you may be finished with your training from the American School of Hypnosis, your FREE first year Certification membership with the American International Association of Hypnosis has just begun. 

     When you're ready to start your new business we're here ready to get started with you.  One of the main purposes of the AIA is to assist you in starting your business and becoming successful with many materials, helpmates and guides.  You also have unlimited contact with us to answer any questions or to get advice as long as you remain a member.. 

     As an Association Member you also have the opportunity to network with other professionals within the association who have already started a business similar to what you would like.  By networking with other association members you will be able to receive valuable information and not have to "re-create the wheel". 

     What if you decide you would like to wait a while before getting your business started? When you are ready to begin, if you feel that you would like a refresher course, you can retake your Live Training in part or in full as many times as you like at any of our Hypnosis Training locations worldwide.  Best of all, this benefit is FREE of charge!  This is great as a refresher, to get additional practice, or to keep on top of the latest techniques.  We love to have past graduates visit so they can share their experiences and make new friends.



Not the Same old Training your Grandfather Spoke of . . .


     If you're expecting the same boring kind of training that traditional hypnosis has been offering for years then you're in the wrong place. You are going to be part of a very fast paced, interactive, fun learning experience.  In fact you'll be hypnotizing each other as early as the first day of training.

     You're going to learn the latest updated techniques.  We are going to dispel all the old misconceptions of hypnosis so you can be effective with your clients right from the start. 





Famous Users of Hypnosis


     Hypnosis is a rapidly growing, effective and popular healing technique that is in the mainstream of society today.


     Here are just a few people you may have heard of that have used and are presently using hypnosis for many purposes such as smoking cessation, weight loss, stage fright, confidence, sports enhancement, improved acting abilities and much more...




Talk Show Host

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis



Sylvester Stallone

Actor / Writer



Michael Jackson




Matt Damon


Quit Smoking with Hypnosis



Billy Joel


Quit Smoking with Hypnosis



Albert Einstein

Greatest mind that lived



Sigmund Freud

Conducted hypnosis



Drew Barrimore


Quit Smoking with Hypnosis



Kevin Kostner


On the set of Water World



Thomas Edison




Brittney Spears




Jack Nicklaus

Sports Enhancement



Ben Afflek




Tiger Woods

Sports Enhancement



Nikola Tesla




Mark Knopfler

Rock Musician



Jackie Onasis Kennedy

Wife of John F. Kennedy



 and now ... YOU!



You'll Receive a One Years "Complementary Membership" in the AIA


     As a Hypnosis Certification Graduate (Live Training or Home Study Course) you'll receive a

One Years "Complimentary Membership" with the AIA or you may register for the Complete

Gold Membership for full ongoing benefits as seen below:


To learn more about your AIA Benefits CLICK HERE  You'll be glad you did!









We've Removed All the Risks for you!



    The Free Hypnosis Manual will show you the quality of training, teaching style and topics that will be covered during class.


     From that point if you are not ready to attend a live training class yet, you can purchase the Home Study Course.  It comes with all the same materials, training, and benefits as the Live Courses. 

     If at that point you decide to take one of the Live Courses, the entire tuition that you have paid for your Home Study Course will be 100% transferable towards the tuition of your Three-Day or Six Day Training.  This way you have not lost a dime in deciding to purchase the Home Study Course before taking a Live Course.


     Once you received, studied and practiced from your Free Hypnosis Manual and purchases the low cost Home Study Course, if you still have reservations about taking one of the Live Training Courses you can set your mind at ease. 







      You will be refunded 100% of your tuition price at "any time" from placing your payment all the way up until the end of the entire first day of training... AT ANY OF OUR TRAINING LOCATIONS!  Yes, you read that right! 

     Anytime time from registration to the end of the first day of class if you are not completely satisfied and excited with your training experience your Instructor will refund your entire tuition price minus the down payment. 

     Upon graduation, for the next year, should you decide you would like a refresher, more practice hours or just want to re-experience this hypnotic event you may retake all or part of the course at any of our locations worldwide as often as you like, free of charge.

      We want to make sure that no one feels pressured in attending our training if they're not happy.  As you know, happiness is contagious and we like to keep our classes smiling.





      * Our Guarantee applies to any of the "live" hypnosis certification training courses only.

         So you can plainly see that:

     1.  We've done everything possible to prove to you that our curriculum and training is beyond reproach.

     2.  We've removed any possible risk you may encounter. 

     3.  We've given you the Strongest Satisfaction Guarantee in the Industry.

     4.  We've even offered to let you keep all your training materials if you are not completely satisfied. 

     5.  We've showed you how you can easily pay off your tuition by conducting just one day of paying sessions.

     6.  We'll even help you upon graduation by giving you additional training and guidance to fill your calendar with paying clients in virtually no time at all. 

            "So you have nothing to lose by trying and a great deal to gain if successful." 

Sounds like a win -win situation, doesn't it?






  Looking for a Training Center Near You?


A.I.A. Approved Training Centers.

Click here to find an Affiliate Locations near you.



  California Connecticut Delaware Maine Maryland Massachusetts
New York New York Oregon Pennsylvania Texas Texas Virginia


    Hungary Ireland Slovenia United Kingdom  

     The American School of Hypnosis has affiliate offices worldwide.  All of our offices are independently owned and operated by Instructors who were once graduates themselves.  While training programs and dates may vary in different locations they all teach the same approved Certified Curriculum of the American International Association of Hypnosis.  For a list of instructor contact information and locations click here There may be one near you!




It's Time to Do Your Homework.  Here's a Checklist for You.





  Download your FREE 446 Page Curriculum to see the

         difference in quality for yourself.

  We have an option to work around your schedule.    

          If you cannot find one, "call us" and we'll customize one!

  Worldwide Independent Offices.  We have certified

          AIA instructors waiting to serve you.

  First year membership in our Elite Association.  The AIA has

          raised the bar to a new standard of services.

  Ongoing assistance after graduation for growth with

          unlimited phone calls and email to the main office.

  Over $3500 in training materials to ensure future success.

  A listing in our top-ranked international web directory

          for future referrals and third party association.

  Re-attend your entire or partial training as many times

          as you wish at any of our locations worldwide.

  With our No-Risk Personal Guarantee you have nothing

          to lose and everything to gain.  No hassle, no stress,

          no questions.  I personally guarantee it!    



Listen to What They're Saying About Our Hypnosis Certification Courses:


Dennis Hedrick, OD, - WV

Dr. Ahmed Taha, - MA

Allan Shaffer - Montreal



All That's Left is to Get Your FREE Manual and See for Yourself!





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