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Dr. Alejandro S. Fernández Calvo


     Do you know that your mind has all the resources, the capacities and abilities from now and farther to be a quiet person and relaxed.


     Sometimes during our lives, we learn to be stressed, nervous, anxious as an indirect answer, of our insecurities, maybe it is because we have problems with our auto esteem, dedication problems, the poorest of our experience, feelings on inferiority,  momentary  fears or maybe because we have traumas from the past.


     But now your unconscious mind knows and has the answers, it has the means of auto healing to live a quiet life, your mind is healing right now, your deepest, and biggest emotional injures will be located and your mind is able to cure any problem, any conflict , any pain, or any injure, that is why right now you are feeling calm and quiet and that feeling is increasing, your mind is finding and solving one by one each problem, conflict every minute, now little by little our character defects, our fears, and  anxieties are being modified to become ourselves better, stronger,   more secure and with more integrity persons that is why you  feel how your body  is being building  inside    tranquility, calm, and relaxed,  and strength outside,  you will notice it as soon as you open your eyes, you will feel how you are in a very  deep calm and tranquility, and it will increase every single day, because this experience is showing it that way.


      You will control your feelings, emotions and there will be not anything, that disturbs you, you will not  be worried about anything, there will be only calm, serenity, and tranquility.

You will be calm, while things are happening, they will not affect you, you will be strong, and firm to solve these  situations, but with wisdom, strength and tranquility.

Now you know your life is quiet and relaxed, now you know how to shake the anxiety and everything you worry about, you know it doesn’t work at all. They are obstacles and hindrances that you can take them out. You know how to do the right things, you transform them into wisdom, relax, and tranquility.


     Your mind and your feelings are calm because they have learned and used to be this way, healthier and more adapted to a quiet  and prosperity life, and you will go on, everyone will be amazed with this new person full of tranquility, and the deepest inner peace.   

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