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Smoking Cessation

By Janus Carson, CHP

     Are you now ready to take the control back that you have allowed cigarettes to have over you?

Has anyone coerced you in any way to be here for this therapy?

     Good, I would like for you to change the way you feel cravings for cigarettes and it will be so very easy for you to do. Instead of tension or anxiety in relation to the desire for a cigarette you will just feel better, happier and more full of energy. The stronger the desire for the cigarette, The more powerful feelings of pleasure that you will feel and the more your energy will increase. It feels so very wonderful to be smoke free.

     Now I would like for you to change the way you feel about cigarettes and you will be able to do so easily and effortlessly. From now on when you hold a pack or a single cigarette in your hand all of those wonderful feelings from the desire of the cigarette will fade and you will find that you desire those wonderful feelings much more than the actual cigarettes. You will know the only way to feel those wonderful feelings again is to put down the cigarettes, as soon as you let go of the cigarettes the wonderful feelings will double and you will feel so proud that you are in control of your life. This is all so easy and effortless for you.

     Now lets change the way the cigarette tastes and affects you and this will be a very simple, easy thing for you to do. From now on if you were to take a draw off a cigarette the taste will be extremely distasteful to you. Cigarettes will taste horrible to you, they will taste identical to the worst thing that you have any memory of tasting. Along with the terrible taste you will feel very sick at your stomach and the only way to feel better is to put out the cigarette. When you let go of that cigarette the wonderful feelings will come back twice as strong as you decide to remain forever smoke free.

     From this point forward you are a nonsmoker and it is easy and effortless for you to remain so.

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