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Sports Psychology

By Mary Hein, CHP


     This script is for a person who is in sports and wants to learn how to focus one’s focus and concentration to best draw on the talents the client has.  This script happens to be for baseball.



     I want you to visualize you at your next baseball game. You have been concerned about your batting average because it has gone down. You have become nervous and uncertain, and this uncertainty has become an obstacle for you. Instead of approaching the batter’s box knowing you will make contact with the ball as you have in the past, you have allowed yourself to believe you will not make contact with the ball because you have had “bad luck” in the past.  You make your own luck; you decide how you are going to perform. You still must practice as this will not make you better than the talent you have, but you will allow the talent you have to emerge from your subconscious; you will believe that you will have your skill again.  This skill has never left; you have let your negative beliefs interfere with your abilities.


     In your next game all of the doubts you have about yourself will be gone. You will use the concentration and focus you have to see the ball and your belief in yourself will come back.  You will have the confidence you had before and the belief that you will see the ball and make contact with it.  You WILL have the concentration and focus you always have had.  You WILL have the excitement and motivation to do well as you have had in the past.


     When your next game begins, you will let go of any negative thoughts about your performance and focus only on the positive thoughts and believe you will allow your best abilities to emerge.  You will see the ball and have the focus and concentration to do the best you can with the talent you have. You will approach the batter’s box believing you will do well because you always have done well.  You are over your slump; now is the time to be excited about the game and the knowledge that you will allow yourself to do your best. You will let no negative thoughts enter your mind.

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