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Thinking Positive

By Anne Heminway, CHP

     You feel relaxed and happily filled with peace.  You see warm light coming into your body and filling you up… you  positive, loving energy. ....You are filled with joy …You are powerful …You understand your power and use it wisely…You have the power to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts…You have the wisdom to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts…… You think positive thoughts…Whenever you  hear yourself making a negative statement…in your head….or out loud in the world,. .whenever you hear yourself making a negative statement about your abilities, …..about  your opportunities…about your potential for health, wealth and joy,…. you will stop the thought immediately …You will say “cancel”…  you will hear your brain replacing it with  a positive thought…  You will speak positively about yourself and ……positively about others…  You can see yourself at work thinking good thoughts, speaking kind words about yourself…  You can see yourself at home, every morning, …  stretching your body… and getting out of bed,.. touching the floor.. ..speaking to yourself .words of encouragement and empowerment.  You are a powerful, loving person, filled with joy. .. You think positive thoughts. .. You are proud of the positive changes you have made…You feel happiness all day long.


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