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Rene A. Bastarache, CI

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Raluca E Bastarache, CI


  Hypnosis always works, for about three to five days... and then the majority of people will rebound right back to their previous behavior. So upon being given any suggestion that you are open to, without resisting, you will accept the suggestion and change accordingly.  

     This is why I can say with many years of experience that hypnosis "always" works. You will always walk away from the session successful whether it be to quit smoking, stop eating junk food, or even to eliminate jealousy or anger. You will be successful until it becomes inconvenient to the conscious mind and is ultimately rejected.

     Traditionally hypnosis sessions for virtually any problem are sold in one MP3 or CD units. Traditional hypnosis sessions in a clinical office are conducted in one session or several sessions that are one week apart from each other. Through years of being a clinical hypnotherapist as well as instructor I have seen the results of this unproductive process.

     Upon being given one hypnosis session or listening to a CD or mp3 only once, according to scientific studies, 83% of the public will return to their initial behavior within three to seven days. This not only happens when listening to a hypnosis session but with any type of suggestion at all. Knowing this, even if you were to return for a weekly session, you would be right back where you started each time you retook the session as your success would have been eliminated before the seven-day mark. So you can see that a full week is too long to wait.

     Any positive suggestion whether it be given through hypnosis or not must be repeated each and every day for a minimum of 30 days for it to become a permanent habit. Otherwise it will just fade away in less than a week for the majority of people.



      Human beings are creatures of habit driven by their Conscious Minds. The conscious mind likes things to remain the same, status quo, familiar or comfortable. It is exceptionally resistant towards change. This is why it's so difficult for most people to quit smoking or lose weight on their own. Granted, there are a small number of people who can easily make these changes on their own but if you were one of them you wouldn't be reading this page right now, would you?

     Let's face it, most people who would like to quit smoking or lose weight have developed a habit of being the way they are. It's a behavior that they've taken part in for months or even years. It has become an embedded habit and to think that it can be eliminated by just one hypnosis session is very na´ve.

     A habit cannot be eliminated, it must be replaced! In order to replace a habit, a new habit of the successful or preferred behavior must be created. This is exactly what our programs do.

"We create new habits of permanent change."


     Anything that you've done repeatedly for at least 30 days becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit, you no longer have to think of it because your subconscious mind takes it over. Here are some examples of things that have become a habit that you no longer have to give conscious thought to:

          Reciting the alphabet
          Remembering your phone number
          Remembering your date of birth
          Riding a bicycle
          Simple addition
          Saying "bless you" when someone sneezes
          Driving to or from work


     Here are other habits that many people have created as well:
          Going to the gym or not on a regular basis
          Becoming stressed for simple reasons
          Becoming overwhelmed
          Over eating
          Biting their nails
          Chewing tobacco
          Fear of public speaking
                . . . and the lists goes on and onů

     Even a habit as simple as remembering your phone number or address takes a few weeks to change once you get a new phone number or address. Once you become comfortable with the new number or address from repeating it over a period of time it seems to "magically" replace the old one in your mind. You have created a new habit of using the new phone number and address to replace the old one.  This is the same thing that has to be done with any bad habits or two initiate a positive one.



     Along with your MP3 we are including an additional follow-up MP3 that must be listened to each day for a minimum of 30 days. 30 days has been clinically proven to be the minimum number of days required to biologically reroute your neural connections to physically create a new habit.

     It's not a matter of wishful thinking, hoping or having a strong regimen. It's a biological function that is scientifically proven. If you give yourself positive suggestions for a minimum of 30 days they will gradually become a permanent new habit. We even guarantee it!

      If you skip a day or a week along the process it most likely will not work and need to be started over. (That's where the term "falling off the wagon" came from.)

     There it is, plain and simple. It is like a set of instructions to build a bookshelf. If you follow the instructions a bookshelf will be built strong and properly. If you do not follow the instructions the bookshelf will probably collapse under the weight of your books.

"If you have nothing to lose by trying and a great deal to gain if successful, by all means try!"  
                                                                W. Clement Stone


      You understand what works and what does not.
You understand why you may have had difficulty in the past.
You have been given the statistics and scientific proof.
     You have the most effective solution right in front of you.

      Now, you only have two choices left to make.

   #1.  Step out of your comfort zone and decide to "act" now.

                                         - or -

   #2.  Do what the Conscious Mind usually does:
              . . . Remain comfortable - do not act
              . . . Put it off until later
              . . . Take the easy way out.          
              . . . Hope it changes by itself
              . . . Wish for an outside intervention,
                         or simply give up!

     You are 100% responsible for your own growth or lack of!  No one else. It's your life

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