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by the Nations #1 Hypnosis Training School

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 "We wrote the book on Hypnosis!"


Learn Hypnosis Now!  Download our FREE 446 page Clinical Hypnosis Manual.  Consider it our HUGE business card to you!  Read it... Try it ... and Compare it...  See our quality of training first-hand!



You'll receive the absolute Best Hypnosis Training Program available today. 


It's Certified and approved by the AIA, American International Association of Hypnosis and comes with more benefits than you can shake a stick at which you'll see below.







Don't take my word for it! . . . 


I don't want you to just accept what I say without checking into it for yourself and please don't just read this page and then sit back down on the recliner with a bag of popcorn, watching Netflix.


Belief alone will not fill your office with clients or savings account with cash.  Instead, I want you to confirm everything and see for yourself.


Experience the quality of our training with absolutely no risk.  This is the only way to absolutely prove that we have the best training and options for you!


CLICK HERE to download your Immediate delivery copy now!






Here's a list of the online and live courses we have to offer!

(Click on the titles blow to visit each one)




6 Day, Online LIVE, Group Hypnosis Certification Training on Zoom


 - New Training Dates: April 22, 23, 29, 30, May 6 & 7, 2023


Train online from the comfort of your own home with Raluca and Rene Bastarache in an interactive classroom atmosphere.


CLICK HERE to Learn More and Register!





  Hypnosis Certification Home Study Course  New!


  Hypnosis Instructor Certification Home Study Course 


  Psychic Development Certification Home Study Course New!   


  Child Hypnosis Certification Course 


  Past Life Regression Home Study Course  New!


  Master Hypnosis Certification - Home Study Course  New!


  Smoking Cessation Practitioner Certification 


  Advanced Hypnosis Certification Hypnosis Study Course


 Insomnia Hypnosis Home Study Course 


 Age Regression Hypnosis Certification 


  Stress Reduction Certification Home Course 


  Weight Loss Certification Course 


  Forensic Hypnosis Certification Home Course


  Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification Home Course


  Pain Management Certification Home Course


  Create an Online Business Certification Course


  Analytical Hypnosis Certification Course 


  Lucid Dreaming Certification Course  New!





  Hypnotic Marketing Home Study Course  


 Memory Retention & Test Taking Home Study Course  New!


  Self-Hypnosis Alpha Connect Home Study Course  New!


  Write an E-Book Home Study Course


  Create Audio MP3s - Automated Passive Income Maker 


  Making Money with Hypnosis Home Course 


  Master the Hypnotic Levels Mini-Course


  Fear & Anxiety Course


  Creating the Perfect Relationship Mini-Course


  Develop a Super Immune System Mini-Course 


  Dating Confidence  ♥♥♥


  Self-Image Home Study Course


  Hypnotic Parenting 101


  Non-Traditional Hypnosis Techniques


 Pendulum 101 Course  New!


 Group Hypnosis 101  


 Insomnia Sleep Conditioning mp3s  New!





CLICK HERE to see all our additional Script Manuals, Books, MP3s, Novelties and more...






We have a WHAT'S NEW Page where we post everything that's going on from new courses, manuals, & class dates to Live events and frequent freebies we give away. This page is always changing with new items of interest so be sure to visit it often.




When you graduate and you're ready to start your new business we're still here to help you get started with a One Year's Complimentary AIA Membership

One of the main purposes of the AIA is to assist you in starting your business and becoming successful with many materials, helpmates and guides... 

As an Association Member you also have the opportunity to network with other professionals within the association who have already started a business similar to what you would like.  By networking with other association members you'll be able to receive valuable information and not have to "re-create the wheel". 

To learn more about your AIA Benefits CLICK HERE.  You'll be glad you did!






We've Removed All the Risks for you!



Your Free Hypnosis Manual will show you the quality of training and topics we'll  cover in class.


You can start with the Home Study Course.  It comes with all the same materials, training, and benefits as the Live Training. 


If you still want to take one of the Live Courses afterwards, the entire tuition that you paid for your Home Study Course will be 100% transferred towards the tuition of your Live Training. 


This way you haven't lost a dime in deciding to purchase the Home Study Course first and you may find that it's all you need as most of  our students have.







Anytime time from registration to the first day of your class if you're not completely satisfied we'll refund your entire tuition price minus the down payment. 

Upon graduation for the next year should you decide you would like a refresher, more practice hours or just want to re-experience this hypnotic event you may retake all or part of the course at any of our locations worldwide as often as you like, free of charge.

We want to make sure that no one feels pressured in attending our training if they're not happy.  As you know, happiness is contagious and we like to keep our classes smiling.




      * Our Guarantee applies to any of the "live" hypnosis certification training courses.

         So you can plainly see that:

     1.  We've done everything possible to prove to you that our curriculum is the best.

     2.  We've removed any risk you may encounter. 

     3.  We've given you the Strongest Satisfaction Guarantee in the Industry.

     5.  We help you upon graduation by helping you to build your business with your free AIA Membership. 

"So you have nothing to lose by trying and a great deal to gain if successful." 

Sounds like a win - win situation, doesn't it?


What Are You Waiting For?


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Visit our YouTube Channel.


Here's some samples of the hundreds of videos you'll find there.


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The Best Hypnosis Certification,

Curriculum & Package in the Industry.

Let me PROVE it!




Make Money with Group Hypnosis




"I had the best interaction online ever!"




Free Session - Control Anxiety




How to be BIGGER than your Problems




5 Ways to Learn Hypnosis RISK-Free!




"I enjoyed the course more than I

expected I would."




Is it FUN being You?




A Class Sample of Suggestibility.




Can You be Hypnotized?

Let's Find Out...




"I laughed, I learned, I had lunch."




The Importance of

Product Diversity in Hypnosis




 Be Hypnotized 5 Different Ways





"I was sold on; anyone could be





How to Raise your Self-Image

with Your Cell Phone




Free Guided Meditation




"See what Joe from Ireland has to say."




Largest Assortment of Script Manuals




Las Vegas professional gambling on

virtual training class.




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