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Bastarache Brainwave Suggestibility Scale (BBSS)

“Where brainwaves and suggestibility meet”

     For years the American School of Hypnosis has led the way in hypnotic advancement  by combining the basic hypnotic depth scales with the 4 main brainwave states.  This has helped our practitioners immensely in recent years by being able to know exactly where to guide their clients to effectively attain specific goals.

Here We Grow Again! 

INTRODUCING: Our newest helpmate in advancing the success of the hypnosis process.  The BBSS Scale below has taken our previous process to a new level in helping you to better understand the workings of the human mind.  The more you can understand your mind, the better you can utilize it to attain your goals of eliminating disorders and creating new positive attributes.

     We have found this information to be so enlightening and helpful within our training facilities worldwide that we would like to share it with everyone to help as many as possible.  I'd like to invite you to take the time to study the information below to see how it may be able to help you and your clients. 


                                                                                          Rene A. Bastarache, CI
                                                                                                                        Founder, American School of Hypnosis 
                                                                                                                        Director, American International Association of Hypnosis 
                                                                                                                        Author of 10 self-help and hypnosis books


Intro Video

CLICK HERE to See our Scale Intro Video


The BBSS Scale

     The majority of people when confronted with the term "brainwave frequencies" have thoughts of Science Fiction movies.  It is as alien to them as Quantum Physics would be to a three year old.  Others understand it as a measurement of speed or frequency of the the brain but that’s usually as far as they get into it.

     By understanding more about what is going on within the various brainwave stages and especially by being able to correlate it with a suggestibility depth scale you’ll be able to assist your clients more than you could have imagined possible.

     You’ll understand exactly where to take them to best accomplish their goals and what is going on in their mind while it’s happening. It’s similar to having a road map or instructional guide for the human mind. If you want to relax, then simply go to Alpha and if you want deep, rejuvenating sleep then go to Delta. If you are a peak performance athlete, go to High Beta and the list goes on…


                Brainwave Frequencies

     Imagine billions of neurons in the brain, each having receptors and transmitters connected by flickering electrical impulses or currents. They would appear very similar to the current you would see  between the two filaments of a light bulb to create the current which brings forth the light. This flickering is where the term “brainwave” come from and its speed and amplitude is what can be measured.  They are measured in what is known as cycles per second (cps which is the oldest term) or Hertz (Hz) named after Heinrich Hertz, the German scientist who defined the cycles. 1 cps = 1 hz.

     These signals or waves can be measured by the use of an EEG (electroencephalogram). This EEG has sensors, which are placed along the scalp of the head that monitor the activity produced by the firing of neurons within the brain. Your brain contains about 100 billion neurons, Each neuron can be connected to about 10,000 other neurons which adds up to about 100 trillion connections in your brain. If you were to enlarge it, that would be more electrical connections than the entire city of New York and probably even the entire state for that matter. 

     Different brainwave frequencies have been shown to correspond to different activities of the mind. Since we have many thoughts and activities happening at the same time all brainwave frequencies are being experienced simultaneously with one being dominant at a specific moment.

     You may be consciously doing math which would require Beta activity but at the same time you may be relaxing and remembering past events which are stored in the Alpha Brainwave state. Also at the same time as your brain is firing neurons in charge of keeping your heart beating and lungs breathing just to name a few.

     This chart is to be used as a gauge or helpmate but not to be taken as factual or absolute. There is no black and white where it comes to brainwaves. There are much areas of grey to consider.

Example: Even though the delta brainwave is known for right brain activity; when you are in a Delta meditative state and receive personal enlightenment or answers to a situation you have been thinking of, you are at that moment in alignment between left and right brain simultaneously. As you can see, things can change according to your mental activity or purpose. This chart is designed to give you more of an idea of what can occur in the various brain states.

       Understanding the Chart

      This chart differs than the traditional brainwave chart or depth scale in two ways. First it includes both mediums working interactively so as to help the practitioner to better understand what occurs in each level and where to bring their client. By combining the extended brainwave chart and suggestibility levels of the Arons Depth Scale together we’ve created a more scientific and precise approach to attaining the desired result.

      Secondly, brainwaves in the past have normally been viewed as a linear chart from Beta at the bottom to Delta at the top leaving out all of the higher brainwave activity. This had been done due to the lack of understanding of the higher brainwaves as well as the lack of research done on them. Most EEG machines were not able to read them as easily as the lower states.

     Through recent research in the field of brainwaves with EEGs combined with our own extensive studies in the field of hypnotherapy, quantum physics and metaphysics we have come to find that rather than being linear, they are indeed more as circular in effect.



BBSS Scale

EPSILON .025 - .5hz  __________________________________________________

This state is totally opposite of the Lambda state but exhibits almost the same qualities.
No noticeable heartbeat, respiration or pulse is perceived by doctors.
Suspended animation
Out of body experience
Coma state-shutdown of non-vital systems
Highly increased immune system
for accelerated healing
Decreased awareness of the physical world
DELTA .5 - 3.5hz  ____________________________________________________

Release of HGH known for anti-aging, wrinkles, sagging skin, muscle tone 

Low blood pressure, respiration, heart rate, metabolism and body temperature
Dominant in newborn infants to age 2
Release of *RAS paralyzing effect
No mental processes
Universal consciousness
Life between lives conducted here
Body heals three times faster minimum
Superconscious level
Profound anesthesia
Deep motionless sleep
No emotional processes
Source energy   
Extrasensory perception
Detached physical awareness
Dreaming Stops
Dreamless sleep
Complete timelessness
Spirit World  
Astral Projection
Negative hallucinations

Vivid childhood memories

_____________ THETA / DELTA TRANSITION 3.5 - 4hz ___________
Dreaming stops  Awakening ESP skills  Intuition Somnambulism
THETA 4 - 7hz  ______________________________________________________
Paralyzation of the body in sleep through the *RAS
Dominant in children from 2 – 6 years old
Immune system is fully operational 
Heightened problem-solving ability
Improved stress tolerance
Mental & astral projection
Beginning of anesthesia – pain control
Total amnesia
REM rapid eye movement
Higher dream state
No stress due to timelessness
Heightened Imagination
Ideal area for Painless childbirth &
Contact with spirit guides
Traumatic memories stored
Dreaming sleep state
Enhanced creativity
Super learning 
Shamanic journeying
Dental work (analgesia state)
ESP activation
Psychic surgery / psychic healing  
Long-term memories stored

____________ALPHA / THETA TRANSITION 7- 8hz ______________

It is a light sleep of moving the pillow, blankets and your body to get comfortable                                          
Balancing point between Mental and Emotional
Daydreaming begins
Critical reasoning impaired
Glove analgesia 
The line between amnesic & mnesic
Reduced Stress/Anxiety
Hypnogogic state
Past life regression
Physical and verbal catalepsy
Induces sleep, tingling sensation
ALPHA Alpha 8 - 12hz _________________________________________________

Simply closing your eyes blocks out 80% of Beta activity and immediately changes the electrical activity of the brain
Left brain-right brain (inner / outer world) synchronization           Best level to reprogram the subconscious
Dominant in children from 6 to 12 years old
Short-term memories stored
Inspiration begins

Beginning of heightened but detached awareness
Animal primary brainwave state Accelerated learning
Enhanced creativity
Beginning of the hypnotic state
Gateway to meditation
Light catalepsy
Relaxation begins
Acceptance of suggestions
BETA 12 - 25hz   ___________The Conscious/Subconscious Bridge___________

Busy activity such as: Studying, Working, Concentration, Problem-solving & Making judgments
Dominant in children from 12 years old and up
Linear thinking
Quick thinking
Higher focus
Attentiveness - Alert mentally
Outward awareness
Left brain activity
Focusing on the five senses

Too much time in the Beta / Hyper-Beta State can
cause anxiety, stress, and paranoia, which can lead to
muscle tension, depression, high blood pressure and
insomnia among other sleep disturbances and health
problems. A lack of Beta activity can also cause emotional
or mental disorders such as depression and even ADD.

**  The human figures to the right signify you and the rest of humanity. The shaded areas above and below signify your scope of consciousness. Notice how they expand and crossover each other in both directions as they leave your Beta state.  In Beta your consciousness is not influenced by others so the shaded areas do not touch.  As soon as you enter Alpha they begin to overlap.  That is where your consciousness begins to be influenced by others in the way of intuition which becomes even more pronounced in the way of ESP and so on the more it crosses over the further it gets from Beta. Complete overlapping can be seen in Universal Consciousness or Source.

            __________  HI-BETA / GAMMA TRANSITION 25 - 35 Hz __________

*Endorphin and *HGH release (See definitions below)                                                                                     Stressful behavior
 Excessive "tunnel vision" (Cannot see what is happening in your own life even though others seem to see easily.)

GAMMA 35 - 70hz  ___________________________________________________
Higher awareness
Peak concentration
Release of excessive *dopamine
Critical Mass  (Highly open to suggestion)
Enhanced problem-solving abilities
Beginning of  mystical experiences
Heightened mental activity
High performance

HYPER-GAMMA  70 - 100hz  _________________________________________
ESP abilities
Heightened sports performance
Natural anti-depressant / mood booster
Heightened instinct and intuition
Anesthesia – pain control

Increased self-awareness
Accelerated endorphin release
LAMBDA 100 - 200hz  _________________________________________________

Seems to ride on the low frequency wave of Epsilon creating a circular effect
Associated with wholeness and integration
Shamanic journeying through hyperventilation

Profound anesthesia – pain control
Associated with extreme mystical experiences
Out of body experience
Negative hallucinations
uspended animation


Related to the BBSS Scale Above

  State   Description   Best level for:  


  Hypno-Coma /
Super Healing:
  No visible sign of pulse or heartbeat. 
Body shuts non essential  systems to conserve
  Out of body experience 
Rejuvenate body
Immune system fully operational
  Profound Anesthesia /
Negative Hallucinations:
  End of RAS paralyzing -
Motionless sleep
  Life between lives
Major surgery
HGH hormone release
Psychic readings & predictions

Healing & restoration from major
      disorders, diseases or injuries
  Basic Anesthesia /
  Somnambulism begins   Automatic writing
Out-patient anesthesia 
Re-opening traumatic memories
  Analgesia / Amnesia:   Sleep state - Loss of time and memory 
RAS paralyzing effect begins
Past life regression
Painless childbirth
Dental work
Parts therapies
Panic attacks 
Awakening ESP skills



Hypnogogic State 
(Between sleep and wakefulness)

  Catalepsy - Heavy:   Physical and verbal blocking  -  Nearly complete control of the muscular system   Most subjects other than healing, spiritual contact / travel and regression related should be conducted in levels 1, 2 & 3 including:   3
  Catalepsy - Medium:   Arms, legs, physical  -  Control of major muscle groups   Smoking Cessation
Weight loss
Stress reduction
Success motivation
  Catalepsy - Light:   Eyes being closed and relaxed   -  Simple muscle control   Creativity 
Study Habits
Memory retention
Test taking 

Nail biting
Bed wetting
 Your course includes scripts, techniques and various methods to bring yourself or your client to the specific levels required.


The diagram of the Iceberg below may help you to better understand
the relationship between the mind, brainwaves and the Universe

  Conscious - This is separateness of consciousness where your thinking is of yourself and business of your life.  You are the observer and the world is the observed.  It is the very tip of the iceberg that is seen above the water.

Sub Conscious - This is where your consciousness begins to connect to others.  Your thoughts are now larger than your own.  It involves emotion, intuition and increase only.  It is positive in nature and part of the bigger picture.  It is similar to the entire iceberg, even what is "not seen" visibly.

Super Consciousness - This is the total connectedness of consciousness. It is where there is no more observer and only the observed. No distinction.  It is timeless, limitless and all inclusive.  It is a place of thought and energy.  It is revitalization and extreme relaxation.  It is similar to the entire iceberg, the water, the fish, the sky and everything else in existence.



Opposite Similarities

     Observing the brainwave chart below you will see that there are great similarities on each side of the spectrum between the slow and quick counterparts of brainwaves opposite each other. While we would like to show perfect symmetry of both sides as that is our nature as humans to place things in tidy little packages; they are in fact very flexible. Take the time to study each side to see the many similarities. You will notice extreme opposites acting the same on many instances.

NOTE:  It has even been found that that on the slow frequencies of Epsilon waves there appear to be riding the very fast paced frequencies of Lambda thereby helping us to close the circular gap. Although the circle may not be exactly symmetrical it can be seen as looping. It may even be oval or even flexible as a rubber band. That is the beauty of the human mind. There are so many possibilities and for every answer found there are even more questions that arise.
Lambda 100 - 200+hz
Shamanic journeying
Out of body experience
Suspended animation
Negative hallucinations
Profound anesthesia – pain control

Hyper Gamma 70 - 100hz
Critical Mass
Natural anti depressant
Anesthesia – pain control

Gamma 35 – 70hz
Release of more dopamine
Enhanced problem-solving abilities

High-Beta / Gamma Transition  25 – 35hz
Release of HGH anti-aging hormone
Tunnel vision
  Epsilon .025 - .5hz
Out of body experience
Suspended animation
Coma state-shutdown of non-vital systems

Beta 12 – 25hz
Busy activity
Focusing on the five senses
Left brain activity
  Delta .5 – 3.5hz
Profound anesthesia
Release of HGH anti-aging hormone
Detached awareness
Universal consciousness
Body heals three times faster minimum
Negative hallucinations

Theta / Delta Transition  3.5 - 4 hz
Awakening ESP skills

Theta 4 – 7hz
Heightened problem-solving ability
No stress - Beginning of timelessness
High-endorphins - to replace stress
Anesthesia – pain control

Alpha / Theta Transition7- 8hz
Daydreaming begins
Fine line between amnesic & mnesic

Alpha 8 – 12hz Block out 80% of Beta
Inspiration - creativity
Left brain-right brain synchronization
Relaxation - calmness


                             Helpful Definitions

*HGH: Human growth Hormone: 

     As we get older, decreasing quantities of HGH results in many aging symptoms including:
loss of muscle tone,
increased weight gain,
loss of stamina,
sagging skin and muscles,
wrinkled skin
sluggish memory
and many additional functions associated with aging.

     HGH is produced naturally by the pituitary gland in the center of our brain. When we are in deep, dreamless sleep in the delta level, the pituitary is stimulated to produce more HGH which is why we feel refreshed and rejuvenated when we get a good nights sleep. Lack of this hormone can result in aging, mental imbalances, sickness and disease.

**RAS - Reticular Activating System (definition)

     A part of the reticular formation that extends from the brain stem to the midbrain and thalamus with connections distributed throughout the cerebral cortex and that controls the degree of activity of the central nervous system as in maintaining sleep and wakefulness and in making transitions between the two states)

     Dreaming takes place in primarily in the Theta State. Here the Reticular Activating System (RAS) goes into a special function in which it literally closes off the muscular control signals from the brain to the body. The body becomes essentially paralyzed. Occasionally stray electrical discharges are able to trickle past which accounts for minor twitching of the fingers and toes. It is during the dreaming state that Rapid Eye Movement - REM, is observed where the eyes move under the closed eyelids.

     One of the reasons this function of the RAS may occur in the dreaming state is to protect the unconscious body from harming itself by actually acting out on it’s dreams. When there is an intermittent slip of the brainstem where not all of the signals from the brain are shut off from the body entirely the body may begin to Sleep Walk.

     Once the sleep cycle reaches Delta, the RAS area of the brainstem releases the hold between the brain and the body's muscles. At this point the body still remains completely still through the whole period of Delta sleep. Not because the body is paralyzed by the RAS, but because the body is now in it’s most relaxed and calm state.

*Endorphins (definition)

     Endorphins function as neurotransmitters. They are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus during exercise, excitement, pain, consumption of spicy foods, love and orgasm. They resemble opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being.

     The term endorphin rush has been adopted in popular speech to refer to feelings of exhilaration brought on by pain, danger, or other forms of stress. When a nerve impulse reaches the spinal chord, endorphins are released which prevent nerve cells from releasing more pain signals. Immediately after injury you may feel a sense of power or control over yourself that will allow you to continue with your activity for an extended time.

*Dopamine (definition)

     Most importantly, dopamine is central to the reward system. Dopamine is commonly associated with the pleasure system of the brain, providing feelings of enjoyment and reinforcement to motivate a person proactively to perform certain activities. Dopamine is released by naturally rewarding or over stimulating experiences such as food, sex, gambling, excessive lights and commotion as in a casino, use of certain drugs and neutral stimuli that become associated with them.



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