Membership Site Creation Course

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"Imagine Having Thousands of Dollars of Additional Cash Each Month" 

Create an Automated, Online Money Making Machine



 Click PLAY on the video above so you can see for yourself what the course is all

about and how easy it could be for you to begin creating your Passive Income Empire


     This is an online, step-by-step course to guide you into building an automated, online information product also known as a "membership site".

     Anything from hobbies, pastimes, sports, pet information, children, work, personal knowledge to even other people's expertise and experiences can make you tons of money by being marketed monthly.

     Think about how many you may be subscribing to already???

     Magazine subscriptions, computer programs & hosting, cable TV service, Netflix, Hulu, associations or club dues and the list goes on and on.  All collect monthly, automated fees. The income keeps coming in even after the sale has been made.

"Isn't it time you were on the receiving end rather than the paying one?"

Did you know that:

     Online information products
have proven to be among  the most profitable money making businesses on the internet today. Information products can include how-to information, courses, instructions, of the month programs, and virtually any other information that can help people to answer their questions or fill a needThis course will guide you through making a monthly ongoing information product called a membership site.

     This is a simple step by step formula (in an online Home Study E-Course) that anyone can use even if you're starting from ground zero.  It doesn’t matter if you have knowledge of information products or even know what they are. If you’re ready to apply yourself we’ll teach you everything you need to know to succeed!

     Even if you don't have the personal knowledge for a topic which most don’t initially we’ll show you how to easily find experts that will freely donate this valuable information to you so you can make a profitable monthly money making product in just weeks. In fact you can put a complete product together quicker and easier with the help of outside experts than you could using your own knowledge and get to make influential fiends in the process as an added perk.

     This is a repeatable product and can be duplicated with any topic you wish using the same process.  Some people who have found the right topic have attained six figure incomes with just one of them. Even if you were to look at the low end of the spectrum and had to build 15 of them to attain your six figures, would it be worth your weekends to attain that and have it maintain itself year after year?

      We'll show you how to create them on virtually “any” subject, how to find the most lucrative or poplar topics and How-to Test Them for SUCCESS before investing any of your time.

                   "Did you know that there's over A DOZEN profitable "Sock of the Month Clubs" online?

What Kind Of Products Can You Create?

     What do you have a passion for or would you like to know more about?  There are experts out there in every field eager to help you such as:

Dog training techniques
Quilt pattern of the month
Monthly piano lessons
Tattoo patterns

Health tips       
     and the list is endless .... 
Weight loss techniques
Vacation getaways

Savings with coupons 
Wedding planning
Yoga for athletes

Home cleaning
Health supplements
Advertising on a budget

How-to courses on anything
Basic car repair


Created: It was created as an eight week live webinar E-course.  You can work on it weekly if you wish or purchase it as a complete course and complete it in one weekend or less.  It all depends on your motivation and desire for cash.

It was Initially designed to have you build and entire sellable product within the first four lessons and the next four dedicated to marketing it.

Consisting of: Eighteen approximately half-hour online videos (totaling ten hours of step by step instructions) along with eight PowerPoint transcript presentations.


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