The Comedy Hypnosis Bible

By Rene A. Bastarache, CI

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Book Description

The Comedy Hypnosis Bible is the EVERYTHING How-to Book for the Comedy Hypnosis business. It’s the official course manual for the Comedy Hypnosis Certification Course with the American School of Hypnosis Centers and is now being made available to the public.

You’ll learn:

• How to create a spectacular show
• How to choose successful subjects
• Instant & rapid inductions
• Various depth levels of skits
• Behind the scenes operations
• Safety & legal Issues
• Venues getting agents / bookings
• How to advertise in the shows
• Tons of creative and hilarious skits and so much more…

Best of all, you’ll learn all this by an author who was a professional entertainer and actually performed comedy hypnosis show in dozens of venues for over two decades. Rene, aka Ozzie Ozner (stage name) will show you what really works and what to avoid to have the best experience possible.

“People are coming to see a comedy hypnosis show to be entertained and not to see a group of volunteers just sitting on stage motionless for 20 minutes until you get them deep enough for your skits.”

I was known as the “World’s Fastest Hypnotist” because I told the folks booking me that I’d get everyone on stage in hypnosis and entertaining the audience in 4 minutes or less or the show was free. How’s that for a Guarantee! By the way, I was always paid.

Doing a twenty minute induction may be fine when you’re first starting out but if you want to be really successful you must be able to entertain your audience the moment your volunteers hit the stage.

If you’d like to be a Comedy Hypnotist or if you’re already in the field and would like to expand your knowledge and repertoire then this is the Bible is for you.