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Become a Comedy Hypnotist
with the

American School of Hypnosis

Home Study Course


Only $249.00

     EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW from how-to get started, creating shows, getting bookings, pricing, routines, equipment, back stage setup, safety issues and even creating commercials is included in this course

     THE ONLY THING NOT INCLUDED is an audience but we'll even show you how to get one of those as well.  Ready to have fun?  GET STARTED NOW!


"The average comedy hypnosis show can go from $700 to $1500 an hour."

     Comedy hypnosis is one of the most lucrative an enjoyable occupations that you will ever do.  The extreme popularity of comedy hypnosis comes from the ability to use members of the audience as your stars.  Everyone loves to see their friends and associates have fun and shine.      

     This course will teach you everything required to become an entertaining and successful Comic Hypnotist.


No experience is required as this course starts from the basics even if you have no experience with hypnosis whatsoever.  It includes everything on how to become a hypnotist, creating comedy shows, performing them, a huge library of skits, how to obtain bookings in virtually every venue, international talent agent contacts, marketing, strategy, equipment suggestions, tons of training videos and so much more. 

     Upon graduation you will also receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion from the prestigious America School of Hypnosis.  This ensures that you'll have immediate credibility as you begin your new exciting career.

Course includes:

    5 Training manuals in pdf format


  The Comedy Hypnosis Bible:  This e-book includes everything you'd ever want to know about comedy hypnosis including where to find shows, how to market them, how to prepare them, conduct them, skits galore, crowd pleasers, all of the behind the scenes preparation such as the business aspects, safety issues, sound systems and stage preparation, and much more.  See Table of Contents below...

  Clinical Clinical Hypnosis Certification Manual:  Training Curriculum of the American School of Hypnosis.  It covers everything from beginning to advanced clinical hypnosis.  The knowledge in this manual will answer any questions on hypnosis you may have as well as make you a superior comedy hypnotist.

  Triple your Clients in 30 Days:  You will learn simple, often overlooked techniques to accumulate bookings as soon as you get started.  Lets face it, business can be like a Yo-Yo.  You get clients, then work them and then when you run out you need to get them again.  What if there were a way to keep them coming in all the time?  We'll show you many ways how.

     Marketing - Full of ideas how to get your new business up and running in record time as well as breathing life into an existing one.

     Advertising - That is the key to any business if you are self employed.  No advertising = no business.  Learn the most successful way of advertising in today's market.

     Networking - This is one of the main ways to ensure that business keeps coming in.  Even when you are not working your network still is.  Learn to multiply your efforts so your business can grow exponentially.

  Build a Top Ranked Webpage in 60 Days:  There are many books available on how to build websites and how to optimize them for top placement, but most of them have been written years ago and are outdated in this day of constantly changing technology.

     This program shows you ideas that are working today and is simple enough for the average person to understand.  These are the techniques that I use to get my top ranked search engine rankings.

  Complete Show Magic Book:  This is a simple magic book that I wrote for those people who may have an interest in magic but do not want to buy all the store props. It is a complete magic show that can be created from items that you may have at home already. 

     There are many magical illusions in this book that can help you to add a magical layer to your performance if you desire.  I have also found them extremely helpful in working with teenagers or younger subjects.  Everyone loves magic and performed properly can win over the audience immediately

  Instruction on depth levels, depth scales & brainwave states:  If you've ever wanted to know what the key is to conducting a good comedy hypnosis show, it's knowing when and where to place the order of your skits.  This instruction is vital to the beginner.  You must know when the volunteers will be suggestible enough for what variety of skits.  This will save you much time and hassle in the long run.

Over 30 Training Videos Including:

  Instant and rapid induction video clips:  Even though many instant inductions are included within the manual, these videos will help you to see how they should be performed.

  Video clips of suggestibility tests:  Hypnosis is all about suggestibility and imagination.  Once you understand and are comfortable with these two aspects, the sky is the limit.

  Video clips of hypnosis skits in action:  In addition to these video clips being extremely helpful to show you how your skits should be performed such as the timing and overall performance, you will find these videos simply hysterical.

  Two Complete Comedy Hypnosis Shows by the Master himself.  Now you can see how Rene conducts everything from the Introduction to sending subjects back to their seats.

  A set of 16 complete hypnosis sessions on many titles that will help you personally to become a better entertainer.  They include many topics for confidence, public speaking abilities, charisma, enhance sales ability, relaxation, developing a sense of humor, being the life of the party, attaining goals and more.  These sessions are designed for you as the prospective comedy hypnotist to be more confident, entertaining, and rounded in your performing abilities.  Each session lasts approximately one half hour. 


Comedy Hypnosis Bible

Rene A. Bastarache Version

"In the beginning there was Man and
    there was Woman.  
Then came Comedy
    Hypnosis, and it was good."

Table of Contents

“Read it from cover to cover or just jump in ad use it as you need it.  There is something to help entertainers of all experience levels.”


CHAPTER 1:  Basic Hypnosis
1:1     The Book of Hypnosis
1:2     The Book of Suggestibility
1:3     The Book of Inductions
1:4     The Book of Instant and Rapid Inductions
1:5     The Book of Depth Levels
1:6     The Book of Deepeners
1:7     The Book of Depth Test
1:8     The Book of Awakenings
1:9     The Book of Issues


CHAPTER 2:  Preparing for the Show

2:1     The Book of Business                                                                                  

2:2     The Book of Safety                                                                                   

2:3     The Book of The Hypnotist                                                                   

2:4     The Book of Behind the Scenes                                                               

2:5     The Book of Helpmates


CHAPTER 3:   The Show

3:1     The Book of Beginnings                                                                          

3:2     The Book of Volunteers                                                                                 

3:3     The Book Disciples                                                                                    

3:4     The Book of Action                                                                                   

3:5     The Book of Life                                                                                              

3:6     The Book of Venues                                                                                  

3:6     The Book of Trouble Shooting                                                                

3:7     The Book of Marketing                                                                             


CHAPTER 4:  Library of Skits  

4:1     The Book of Skits                                                                                       

4:2     The Book of Commercials (During the show)                                          

4:3     The Book of Exodus                                                                                                

4:4     Online Comedy Hypnosis Home Study Certification                           

4:5     Certified Hypnosis Practitioner Home Study Course                           

4:6     Glossary of Terms                                                                                    


Certificate of Completion:

Upon successfully completing and submitting the Course Open Book Exam with a passing grade of 80% or higher you'll be mailed this beautiful "Certificate of Completion" to proudly hang in your office for all to see.

(Click on the image to the left to see a larger version)



Order your Course and
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