How to Double Your Sales by Doing Less

By Rene A. Bastarache, CI


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Book Description

A Pocket Book in pdf format.

How to Double Your Sales by Doing Less

In this hypnotic marketing book you’ll learn several of the major traits of the conscious mind. Understanding the mind is very important in order to understand what motivates it.

The techniques of “Doubling Your Sales by Doing Less ” focuses on these traits and capitalizes on how they can be enhanced to drastically increase sales.  One of these traits is that the conscious mind is a creature of habit and continually resists change.

This is why the most successful products being sold today are centered on the concept of “Convenience is King”.

Businesses built around convenience have always been successful. This can be seen daily by driving down most city streets and seeing the long lines at the drive through windows of banks and fast food restaurants. The convenience of online shopping and the use of cell phones are also skyrocketing daily.

Rather than adding lots of bells and whistles to enhance your products or services and run the chance of overwhelming your clients with spectacular features you'll learn how to increase sales by simplifying.

You'll learn how to capitalize on how the mind creates habits. Utilizing the same method that you've used to create virtually every habit in your life you'll learn how to assist your clients in creating a habit of (or branding) your product, service or message in their life.

You'll learn how third-party influences or suggestion from authority figures such as mother, teacher or doctor are the strongest and most effective way to achieve your goals. An example of this can be seen in the daily television commercials of the multimillion dollar pharmaceutical companies. The commercials introduce the product, create a need for it, fill the need and then use the third-party influence of telling you to call your doctor for advice.

With their millions of dollars spent on marketing research even they have found that utilizing powerful suggestion focused towards the natural traits of the human mind are the most successful.

It's amazing how when teaching these techniques in our marketing classes one of the most common replies I get is, "Those things are easy!" to which I reply, "But are you using them?" Once again; simplicity rules but is often overlooked.

The hypnotic marketing techniques in this book are powerful, simple and easy to implement. They’re the techniques that have been used by the most successful businesses and top salespeople in many industries for years.

These techniques are what set apart the average salespeople and managers from the super-producers today. Sometimes doing less and keeping it simple is better.

If you're interested in improving your bottom line then all you need to do is something as simple as scrolling to the top of this page and clicking on the "buy now" button.

How can anything be easier than that? I wish you the best of success in doing less.