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Fear of Dentist Drill

Rebecca L. Fralix, CHP

     Use your imagination and picture yourself in an apple orchard. You are lying on a soft blanket looking up through the branches at the sunlight peering back down on you. As a light breeze blows, the branches sway back and forth, allowing the sunlight to filter through… Now its bright… now its shady. You can see the apples as they bob with the branches, smell the sweet scent of newly picked blossoms. You are totally relaxed, completely content. Take a deep breath, take it all in… and sigh, blow it all out.

     You are so relaxed that your mouth drops open naturally. You are completely calm as the hygienist and dentist do their jobs. You don’t even notice when the dentist puts his mirror in your mouth because there is nothing threatening there. It’s just a mirror and you see them everyday. There are mirrors everywhere. The hygienist places the cotton in your mouth, but to you it feels like a wedge of an apple. You are lazily staring up through the trees and absently start counting the apples you see. One… two… two together on that branch, when you hear a distinct humming noise.

     Before you have a chance to turn or investigate, a hummingbird flies into view. You focus on the bird now. See it flit from flower to flower? It hums softer and louder as it keeps it’s delicate little body in flight. It wanders in and out of the sunlight as it searches for the sweetest nectar. It may light on a branch for a moment before beginning its busy quest again.

     You feel joy and peace at watching this sight. You wonder at the awe of being able to witness this small dance of nature. The bird flies into a bright stream of light and is gone, off to continue its journey out of sight. You know there is always the chance it will happen by again. You are still lying comfortably on your supple blanket. Your focus was so intent on the bird that you didn’t notice by now the work the dentist and hygienist were doing is finished!

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