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Cool Down Hot Flashes

By Michele Verhoosky, CHP

     Menopause is a natural progression in the natural order of things. The hot flash (or flush) is infamous as a classic symptom of menopause.  When estrogen drops because of menopause the brain gets the “wrong message” and thinks that the body is too hot, creating measures such as sweating and heat loss (through the skin) to try to cool down the inside of the body.

     However, the mind also has a major influence over the body and can be hypnotically trained to cool down hot flashes.  You have the ability to use your thoughts and imagination to literally reprogram your body’s responses. What the mind can conceive the body can achieve. Let me repeat that so it is perfectly clear:  your powerful, strong subconscious mind can be hypnotically trained to cool down hot flashes and night sweats.  What the mind can conceive the body can achieve.

     I would like you to continue using your imagination now.  I’d like you to picture yourself walking on a beautiful beach…the sugary sand is soft and smooth beneath your feet, and a cool salt-tang breeze blows gently through your hair… The sky is a beautiful sun-washed blue...the sand sugary white…the water a beautiful jeweled blend of turquoise, emerald, and amethyst while golden sunlight sparkles like diamonds on the rippling waves as they gently lap the shore…You breathe in the fresh, clean air and feel your shoulders relax, your spirits soar, and all cares and burdens just fall away—it’s a picture perfect day on an absolutely beautiful beach, and there’s no place else you’d rather be…

     Just up ahead you notice a striped beach chair close to the water’s edge, and realize that it’s a chair meant just for you…With a smile and a soft sigh of utmost contentment you let yourself sink down into that striped beach chair…and find that it’s the most comfortable chair you’ve ever sat it…perfectly molding itself to your body…letting you just sit back and completely relax…You feel the warm golden sunlight gently touch the crown of your head…a soft, loving touch…and you feel yourself starting to relax even more deeply, all your cares just melting away…You dip your feet into the cool, clear ocean water, letting the water lap gently over your toes, your instep, your ankles…like the most wonderful massage in the world…and you feel tension draining away, right through the soles of your feet…You feel so cool, relaxed, refreshed…so very comfortable… this is YOUR PERFECT PLACE…

     You sit back and drink it all in…commit all the details of YOUR PERFECT PLACE to memory, fixing it clear in your mind…touching your right thumb to your right index finger as if to seal every detail of YOUR PERFECT PLACE into the very fiber of your being…  For you intuitively sense that YOUR PERFECT PLACE is the place you know you will want to return to…to relax, to meditate, to heal, refresh and rejuvenate yourself…You close your eyes and once again touch your right thumb to your right index finger… and you find that by touching your right thumb and right index finger together, you are instantly transported to YOUR PERFECT PLACE… You can see the beautiful bejeweled ocean…you can feel the cool, clear water lapping your feet…you can touch the soft, sugary sand…you can hear the waves gently rolling in…you can smell the clean, fresh air—all the details of YOUR PERFECT PLACE are perfectly preserved, perfectly presented the moment you close your eyes and touch your right thumb to your right index finger…Touching your right thumb to your index finger instantly transports you back to your perfect place…And any time you find a need or desire to escape to someplace safe and enjoyable, anytime you would like to return here, all you need to do is take a deep breath and simply touch your right thumb to your right index finger and your mind will instantly take you back to this wonderful place, YOUR PERFECT PLACE.

     So, sitting in your striped beach chair in YOUR PERFECT PLACE you welcome the warm light gently touching the crown of your head…because even though the light is warm, the water lapping over your feet is COOL, CLEAR, REFRESHING, and you feel totally refreshed and relaxed…And as you bask in your special beach chair, you realize that this is a very special light touching you, surrounding you.  This is powerful HEALING LIGHT connected with the light above and all around you…Visualize this light entering your body at the top of your head and slowly moving down your body, glowing beautifully from within…You choose the color or colors… And it flows into your brain, your nervous system…gently calming and balancing…returning you to health… It flows down beneath the deep bones and muscles of your face…softening your forehead, the tiny muscles around your eyes, your tongue, teeth and jaw…everything relaxes…

     And the light flows over your neck and shoulders, warming and massaging all the muscles there…This area stores a great deal of anxiety, a great deal of tension.  People with headaches from neck pain carry a great deal of tension in their necks…or people who walk around with the weight of their world on their shoulders have tightness and tension in these muscles…but you feel that wonderful, warm healing light relax these muscles completely… And you bask in the light, your feet resting in the COOL, CLEAR water…leaving you feeling so comfortable, so relaxed, so restored and refreshed…

     You feel your arms, your wrists, your hands, even your fingers become so relaxed, the healing light gently massaging, leaving all your muscles warm and loose, while the beautiful clear water lapping your feet leaves you cool and refreshed…The light flows down your torso, and you find your breathing becoming deeper, freer, easier…down, down, relaxing the muscles of your stomach…your lower abdomen, cleansing and healing, balancing all your internal organs…

     And finally, the light works it way over your hips…and you feel your lower back relax…And the light is flowing down your legs now…feel your knees soften and relax…your calves soften and relax…feel that warm, soothing light energy flow down to your feet now… Accept this healing light energy as it fills your body…healing it, protecting it, loving every inch of your being as it reclaims your body…restoring it to health, balance, well-being… Immerse yourself totally in this moment…in this sensation….You have allowed healing light to completely cleanse you from within…dispelling all dis-ease, all dis-stress, all dysfunction…And even though healing warmth is now suffusing you from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, you REMAIN COOL, RELAXED, UTTERLY CALM & COMFORTABLE…

      From now on, anytime you start to feel any symptoms of a hot-flash or night sweat…or any time you even start to THINK about a hot-flash or night sweat…you will immediately close your eyes, take a deep breath, and as you exhale touch your right thumb to your right index finger…and you will instantly be transported back to YOUR PERFECT PLACE.  Any warmth you feel is instantly transformed into healing light energy.  This healing light energy will instantly heal, cleanse, restore and balance you from within…while the sensation of the cool, clear ocean water washing over your feet will instantly cool and refresh you. The moment you touch your right thumb and index finger together you instantly become cool, relaxed, utterly calm and comfortable.  For what the mind can conceive the body can achieve.  Let’s take a moment right now and do just that…Take a deep breath…and as you exhale touch your right thumb to your index finger and you are instantly transported back to YOUR PERFECT PLACE… Be there… Take a moment to just completely immerse yourself in all the wonderful details and sensations of YOUR PERFECT PLACE…  And once you have that image clear in your mind, nod your head “yes,” and we will continue…Take a moment now and….GOOD! 

     From now on, starting this very moment, you feel good.  You feel refreshed, relaxed, rebalanced.  You are loved.  You have reclaimed your life.  You have reclaimed your mind, body, and spirit.  From this point on you will make positive decisions that involve the well-being of your mind, body and spirit.  You live a life of health.  You put that healthy outlook into practice every day of your long, healthy, happy life.

     I am going to bring you out of hypnosis now by counting to 5, and as I say each number you will feel more and more healthy, cool, calm, relaxed and whole.

  1. You are slowly coming back to the here and now, feeling relaxed, cool, calm, peaceful.

  2. Feeling overjoyed with health and vitality

  3. Your mind is clear and alert, your body balanced, restored

  4. Your eyes are starting to open and you feel great…And…

  5. Eyes wide open, alert and feeling wonderful…Welcome back.

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