"With this time proven program you will save hundreds,
possibly even thousands of dollars by not making the same costly mistakes that many people make in this amazing field."


Rene A. Bastarache, CI - Founder - American School of Hypnosis

    How to skyrocket your income as a Hypnotherapist, doing what you want to do - where and when you want to do it - while leveraging your time and creating multiple streams of income.

Dear Friend,

     Imagine if you could start a professional career immediately, having access to all the resources, secrets and tools you need to be able to create the income you want or to be able to enhance your existing hypnosis related business with the added income you desire.

     Imagine earning as much as you want doing what you love to do.  Waking up in your own bed each morning - or in whatever city in the world you choose to work in. 

     Sound too good to be true?

     Think about this . . .

     Marketing is the most powerful skill you can learn in any business.  Once you learn the many ways to market or increase businesses, all you need to do is decide which one(s) you would like to try and just duplicate the system.

     Simply put, you can make a fortune in this exciting business when you know what you are doing.  If you possess...a blueprint for success.  

     But creating that blueprint for success is the hard part...

     It could take years of trial and error and cost a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations to make your efforts work - many fall flat on their face!   I have enjoyed over 25 years of experience in entertainment, marketing and hypnotherapy and am now going to share everything I know with you.  Sound good?

     This book is a step by step guide with information that I have taught for many years as an instructor with the American School of Hypnosis to countless students and graduates that has helped them to build many different hypnosis businesses.  Many can be worked together simultaneously. 

     There are many ideas and concepts that can help you to enhance your existing business or even show you how to make it more efficient. 

     All that is left for you is a desire to succeed ... and the motivation to get started today!

If you are a Hypnotherapist, you deserve to be wealthy!

Discover the Most Profitable Marketing Strategies and Business Tips, Boiled Down into A Step-By-Step System.

At last!  Every simple and inexpensive marketing method, complete contact information for lucrative venues, and methods to increase your income is here.



    How TO START, expand and excel in YOUR OWN HYPNOSIS BUSINESS easily from home producing multiple streams of income


       Start your own clinical hypnosis office

       Work in a doctors office or on a hospital staff 

       Conduct lucrative group sessions

       Corporate hypnosis

       Metaphysical workshops

       Comedy hypnosis

       Teach hypnosis at high schools and universities

       Market your own CDs or tapes


Which of these proven strategies will you apply?

      The single most important secret to your success. This often overlooked
         principle is what holds most entertainers back from realizing their dreams.

      Detailed office set up instructions and concepts.  

      Soliciting locations to expand to or share an office with.        

      Seminars and Workshop ideas, scripts, formats and guarantees.

      The most effective way to make money as an entertainer.

      What you can do right now to immediately increase your fees and income.

      How beginners can start working today in a venue that will create instant
         income and quickly build a solid client base.

      Comedy Hypnosis shows, agent information and addresses.

      Teaching the subjects that all schools are looking for and how.

      CDís or Cassettes - What sells, how and where to market them.      

      Many FREE marketing techniques to generate business.

      Thank You Letters - The key to multiple bookings.

      Use of Testimonials in selling your product

Who Should Own This Incredible Resource?

     Hypnotherapist first of all, and that goes for beginners and professionals alike.  If you are just starting out then you are about to shave years off your learning curve and save thousands of dollars and a ton of headaches finding out what works, instead of what doesn't.

     If you are a seasoned pro, already earning a substantial income, then this book will take you to the next level. You will soon be able to raise your fees - simplify your business - and be exposed to opportunities you have only dreamed of.

     We always welcome more income and a better lifestyle, right?

     What about comedy hypnotist, other alternative health practitioners and variety entertainers, like:

      Reiki Masters
      Massage therapists
      Mental Health Counselors
      Musical Acts
      All others variety entertainers

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