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Past Life Regression






Only $249








Learn a New Skill that will Breathe LIFE into Your Practice?


Past Life Regression is Intriguing to Everyone who Hears About it?


"It's the Business Opportunity of your Lives!"










     There is an Explosive Interest in Past-Life Regression Worldwide.


             Have you lived before this life?

             Who were you?

             Why does this place seem familiar?

             Do you have a soul mate?

             Why do you feel the way you do about certain places or people?

             Can you learn from your past experiences?

             How can past karmic connections help you?


     More Past Life Regression Practitioners who have been properly trained in these techniques are needed to fill the growing interest.


    Past-Life Regression is a wonderful vehicle to help clients with difficult and perplexing problems. Through group interaction and participation, this course will widen the scope of your expertise and knowledge. Regression is based upon the premise that understanding your past can help to clarify your present and build a better future.



     The concept of past life regression has become a very popular topic in society today.  Belief in reincarnation dates back as far as 4000 BC.  The idea of regressing to a past life in order to help you to progress, heal or even to better understand your present life is a marvelous insight.  It is spoken of on a daily basis on television talk shows, movies, newspaper articles and radio.  There are many workshops, courses, private sessions and books available on the subject. 



                   COURSE INCLUDES:















































     Past life regression (Certification)

            Theories of Reincarnation

            Who were you and how does it impact you now?

Karmic correction – Unfinished business

Past-Life for deep healing

Finding the past life you want to visit

Multiple past lives in one session

Soul-Mate connections

Finding soul-mates

Find abilities and talents you possessed

            Uncovering Déjà vu

Connecting with spirit and animal guides

Releasing subconscious blocks, negative habits,

        phobias, recurring cycles, fear and pain

Exploring Past-Life roots of present day relationships  

Learning from your death scene

Entering between life stages

Safety issues and preparation

Reviewing and charting Past-lives;

What to take with you

What to leave behind

Observe live demonstrations and experience your own past

            Leading & non-leading questions; avoiding confabulation

            Discerning fantasy from reality

            Why children still remember


     Life between lives (Familiarization only)

            Welcome home


Super conscious – Universal awakening

Discovering Destiny

Finding the pieces to your puzzle

Learning – Answering questions

Your spiritual or soul name

Names of guides and teachers

Connection with your soul group

and whether you know them in your current life

Connection with any possible specialty groups

Who current family members are in your soul life

Why you are here

Why you chose this time, place and body


     Present life progression (Familiarization)

As a gauge for success

Peek into the future - Do you really want to know

Choices we make

Working with this sensitive information



     Future life progression (Familiarization)

As a tool for present change

            Quantum Mechanics

Where do you want to go?

Setting your clock

How will it change your present?


     How the subconscious works


            Brainwave states

Creating Reality

            How to clear travel

            Removing any travel blocks


     Advanced techniques including

            Conducting self Past Life sessions

Lucid dreaming to attain immediate regressions

Using the Affect Bridge to access Past lives quickly

    intense emotions, words, visions, phrases or physical sensations

Instant and rapid inductions to save valuable time

Scanning multiple past lives for similarities

            Changing your destiny by investigating your past Karma


     Business Aspects

Conducting group sessions

Conducting individual sessions

How to conduct lucrative telephone sessions

Teaching adult education

Weekly workshops



     Business Operation  

            Preparation of client for PLR

Ethical Ramifications of conducting past-life regression.

When not to conduct a past-life session

Pre- and post-session interviews

Video taping and recording devices

Network with other healers and professionals




           4 Training manuals in pdf format



           Over 30 Videos files of live instruction and demonstrations.


           Video practice sessions by students on students


           Surprise guest appearance by one of New England's top ranked Past Life Regressionist.


           Forms and scripts required to conduct sessions.


           Certificate of Completion with the ASH.


     Unlimited main office support.


















































"Past Life Regression is on of the most interesting field of hypnotherapy in this live of the last."              



     This training is being offered by Rene A. Bastarache, Certified Hypnosis Instructor and founder of the American International Association and & Raluca E. Bastarache, current Director of the American School of Hypnosis.


     Rene & Raluca are world renown for having trained numerous Hypnotherapists & Past Life Regressionist. They have conducted hundreds of group and individual past life, between life and future progression sessions in their clinical offices. They are the authors of many books and programs on metaphysical practices. 



     Upon completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing from the American School of Hypnosis, ASH as a Certified Past-life Regressionist.



     This training is open to healthcare professionals, therapists, counselors, hypnotherapists, healers, ministers, metaphysics practitioners, educators, and researchers.  In other words, anyone with an interest.  "You will have the time of your past life!"



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Past Life Regression Certification Home Study Course Only $249 


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       "The past life regression class showed me the path to connect with my spiritual life that transcends time and how we are all connected on another level."      
Marc snowman - NYC
        "Rene was an excellent instructor on the past life regression course.  He took us through both a group and individual session and gave us many important facts and tips in performing past life regression for both.   Would recommend this course to anyone interested in the metaphysics studies."                                                                                                                                                                                 
Lory Coppola
       "This workshop is an outstanding experience in both learning and experimenting  the power of past life regression with hypnosis.
For anyone intrigued and curious about current life issues and behaviors this course offers the road to take to self discovery." 
Dr. Jane Greer
       "I appreciate connecting with this wonderful group for the past life regression class.  I appreciate also learning past life regression in this particular format.  I see P.L.R. as another modality for healing and look forward to offering it as a service to my clients, friends and family.  Thank-You!                                                                                                                                                                     
Arlene Benjamin
       "I could not have imagined how positive this experience would be and I look forward to applying all I have learned in my professional and personal life.                                                                                                                                                     
Penny Jordan - Massage Therapist
       "I enjoyed the class and attending with like-minded people.  I was able to do group regression and visit a past life then had volunteered for one -on-one and visited and entirely different life.  This class helped to solidify my beliefs in the spiritual world.  
Kathy Opperman
        "I have taken a few of Rene's past life regression classes. They are really amazing.  The first time a had flashes of dirt roads and stone structures.  The most unreal part of the whole thing is just this past April I went on a class trip with my daughters high school to Rome.  When I saw the Coliseum it was all so familiar.  Not like movie familiar either.  An unexplainable familiar.  At the time of the past life session I was disappointed that I didn't get more but 3 months later it all made sense! It's a great experience! I'll miss Rene and Raluca greatly but because of his move to Philadelphia others will be able to have this experience."                                      
ill Jones - Saco, ME
         "I attended Rene's meditation and three past life regression sessions and I was in total amazement.  I learned so much in those 4 sessions that I can use in my everyday life to relieve stress and even physical ailments.  I suspected that I had probably lived another life and what I experienced was truly fascinating.  I visited 2 other lives on 2 separate occasions.
     Rene is a very non threatening and intelligent man. His wife Raluca is a delight. He takes the time to explain everything very carefully. It was truly an enjoyable experience and I would recommend it to anyone that has been curious about hypnosis and/or other lives."
Helen Desjardins  - Saco, ME
    "I learned how past life regression works and it was a very interesting experience.   I am very glad I attended. I learned alot."    
Dr.  Ron Mosiello - Biddeford, ME

System Requirements

     This is an online course designed to be viewed through your computer, therefore your computer must have enough memory  capability to view files in pdf, mp3 and wmv format. 

     Here are locations to download the viewing programs for FREE if you do not already have them.
     pdf files:
Can be viewed on adobe.  Download it FREE at
     m4v video files:
Download QuickTime FREE at or
     wmv video files:
can be viewed on Winamp.  download it FREE at

     Legal info:     Please be advised that all courses are sent in pdf, wmv, m4v and mp3 formats as advertised.  It is our responsibility to send them to your email address supplied with the order.  Our Liability and transaction ends there as you have received the order.  Due to the nature of the copyrighted course information sent, all sales are final and non-refundable.

     There are countless different systems and email programs that our clients have.  This course is intended to be viewed from your computer.  Some email programs may allow you to download mp3s to ipods and other equipment and others will not.  We only create hypnosis sessions, courses and scripts and are not technicians.  Please do not ask us how to download to your specific listening device as we are not familiar with all the systems available.  Unless there is a problem with the course not arriving to your computer email, any downloading or transferring glitches are due to your equipment and not on our end as they are all checked to be in working order before being sent. 

     The wmv and m4v videos have been sent as an added visual aid to see the techniques in action.  If they do not open please be patient as many of them are routed through Google Video, You Tube or Yahoo Video which have occasional glitches and down time.  Due to the various changes in the hosting facilities we will not be responsible for dead links or unworkable videos.

     Thank you.



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