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The Ultimate





With this program you can:        


Be Healthy

Stay Healthy

Recover from Disorders

Enjoy Perfect Health



(Rene Bastarache, Founder: American School of Hypnosis)





(SSG Bastarache 1983 - It's me)






     "Where will you be 45 days from now? In the same situation you are now or exactly where you want to be?  The choice is yours."


     "45 days is going to come whether you make a change or not!"



Consider Our Program a Self-Healing Boot Camp



Desire - Repetition - Consistency - Belief


   These are the key ingredients in attaining "any" new behavior.  That's how all of your positive and negative traits were conditioned or programmed into you and became an automated, second nature.  This is also how the military can condition new recruits to become combat soldiers in just a few weeks.


Desire:  You must first and foremost have a desire to change.  If you do then you must decide exactly what you want and take responsibility by deciding to make an immediate change. 


Repetition:  The human mind is programmed through suggestion.  Listening to suggestions being delivered to you repeatedly though several different venues on a daily basis will condition your new desired behavior. 


Repetition becomes habit

Habit becomes automated behavior

This behavior becomes your new belief

Your beliefs becomes who, and how you are


Consistency:  You must be consistent in listening to your suggestions on a daily basis until your programming is complete.  This usually takes about 45 days. 


Belief:  Through repetition of the desired suggestions you'll begin to develop a habit.  Your consistency of this repetition will develop a "permanent" habit which will then turn into your new belief. 


*** Your present health is the result of your past thoughts, focus and desires. 


"You become what you think about most of the time!"


To Change your health, you must change your thought, focus and desire.


Are you ready to start?



"Health is never to be attained by studying disease or thinking about disease.

Medicine as a science of disease has increased disease."

                                                                                                 Wallace Wattles




The Ultimate 4 Part Self-Healing Program Includes:


   Three separate mp3s to work on your mind in several ways. Each has their own purpose and work spectacular in conjunction with each other. We have also included A BONUS mp3 for the more analytical or resistant subjects.


(All sessions also included in .m4a files for flexibility and ease of use)



MP3 #1: Daytime Health Suggestions - 15:00 minute running time


     This is a short Guided Imagery or Hypnosis Session that you will listen to each day (for 45 days) in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. It works on your imagination to create images of health that will become your new behavior. 


     Extensive research has shown that the subconscious mind does not understand the difference between a real and an imagined memory.  By imagining yourself doing or being something every day for a period of 45 days you will biologically re-route your mental neural-connections into developing the new pathways to attain the desired habits or health. 


"It's not wishful thinking, it's science!"


     The key is to listen to the suggestions every day during that time period without missing a day.  Skipping a day can set you right back to where you began as the mental process will not have been completed yet.  You will notice a difference within the first few days but it takes the entire regimen to develop the habit of permanence.


When to use: This is best listened to in the morning before you start your day as it will give you a boost in energy, motivation and attitude.  Each 15 minutes listening to this program is similar to having 4 hours of sleep. It's best to find a quiet, out of the way location where you will not be disturbed to listen to it for optimal results.  It does not matter whether you relax deeply or at all while listening as long as you use your imagination.  Imagination is the key ingredient.



MP3 #2: Daytime Affirmations 59:19 minute running time


     Designed to be played anytime throughout the day as often as you like. It is best to play the affirmations while you're doing something else and not specifically sitting and focusing on them. They will be accepted by your subconscious mind while you're doing other things such as focusing on work, cooking, cleaning, watching television or even working on the computer as they're designed to be accepted in an analytical manner.




Your conscious mind:


      *  Makes all decisions,

      *  Is very limited in the amount of tasks it can do simultaneously.

             (only several things at a time)

      *  Is a creature of habit and 

      *  Is very rebellious in nature. 


     That is why you have difficulty accepting new suggestions even if they are good for you such as is acquiring health. If you have already developed a habit of being unhealthy then your conscious mind will initially rebel when you try to be healthy until you have developed the new habit.

Your subconscious mind is:


     *  All accepting and

     *  Unlimited in the amount of task it can do simultaneously. 


     Even if you are busy doing several things consciously; the subconscious mind will still hear and accept the suggestions without resistance from the conscious which is too busy to notice or to rebel.  That is the beauty of this session.  You may play it just once a day or as many times as you like.

     This sessions includes over 30 powerful suggestions relating to various aspects of health which are repeated continually.  This repetition process is what conditions your new thought process towards perfect health.  It does not have to be played loud or even right beside you.  It actually works best when you are playing music, working or doing other tasks simultaneously.


When to use: Play it while working, playing, watching television, eating or during any other activity.  As long as it is within earshot you can play it while doing anything.  It is designed to deliver suggestions without incurring sleepiness so it is safe to use while doing other activities.



MP3 #3: Nighttime - 2 Part Sleep Conditioning 58:37 minute running time


     This is my personal favorite!  This session has 2 parts to it.


Part 1:  It will initially go through a short process of helping you to get to sleep.  It helps those who experience insomnia by focusing on only one thing in order to fall asleep. That is the reason why so many people have difficulty sleeping. Itís because they are reflecting on so many things from the events of their day while lying in bed. However by focusing on only one thing you will fall asleep much quicker.


Part 2:  Once you have fallen asleep the session will change over to delivering positive suggestions which will be completely open and accepting. This is due to your conscious mind being asleep and therefore not in it's natural rebellious or resistant state.  Your subconscious mind is always working, all the time.  So even in sleep it is hearing the suggestions and accepting them without hindrance.


     In addition to delivering suggestions you will find that as a result of listening to this session you will have had a much deeper and more restful sleep than before. 


When to use:  When you are ready to close your eyes and sleep, turn on the session and follow the instructions.  Don't worry if you fall asleep before it tells you to as your subconscious mind is still hearing it all even if you don't consciously.  It only needs to be played once each evening so you don't have to have it repeat all nightlong.  Simply set your playing device to play it and stop.



MP3 #4. BONUS: Subliminal for Health 1:00:09 minute running time


     For those of you who are extremely resistant or analytical here is a bonus session you'll love. 


     The concept is: "Your conscious mind canít fight what it canít hear."  As mentioned before; your conscious mind is naturally rebellious and resistant to change even if it is a positive change.  It is a creature of habit.  If you are accustomed to being unhealthy then it will resist suggestions of being healthy.  That is it's nature so don't feel alone. 


     The idea of this session is to make the suggestions difficult for the conscious mind to hear by masking them with other sounds that distract it or cover the words.  We accomplish this by the way we created this remarkable session.


     We began by creating a complete recorded session of delivering affirmations and suggestions related to health similar to your affirmation session included in this program. It is recorded loud enough so it can be easily heard.  In fact the suggestions are not only repeated for optimal effect but there are four additional tracks of the same suggestions being given beginning at different intervals so each one masks or confuses the other.  It is similar to being in a room full of people where five conversations are going on at the same time.  Consciously you can only focus on one but subconsciously you can hear and understand each conversation simultaneously. Then we further masks the spoken words by adding filler sounds such as crickets, ocean waves and music.


     Listening to it you only notice the music, waves and fillers but if you were to mute them you would notice that the spoken words were just as loud.  This way the subconscious can easily understand and accept the suggestions as the conscious mind doesn't even realize something is being said.  The perfect conditioning tool has been created...


When to use: (Similar to Session #2 Affirmations)  Play it while working, playing, watching television, eating or during any other activity.  As long as it is within earshot you can play it while doing anything.  It is designed to deliver suggestions without incurring sleepiness so it is safe to use while doing other activities.


So, what are you waiting for?

Make a Decision to Be Healthy Today!



The Ultimate SELF-HEALING Program - Only $149.00

Immediate download to your email address

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System Requirements: 


    Be advised that this course is sent in .m4a and .mp3 formats as advertised. If you do not have a program to open these files here are some free options that you may download and use that will work quite well. (Please make sure you have the latest updated version of the program you are using.  Having an older version may cause your program not to work.)


.mp3 & .m4a files: Download QuickTime FREE at or


They can also be listened to on Winamp. Download it FREE at


If you already have these files realize that they must be updated regularly to continue to work properly

     Thank you.



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