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Weight Loss Script 3

By Francisco Estrada, CHP


     Now since you are completely relaxed and at eased I want you direct all your attention to your stomach. It is so pleasant to sense the fullness of your stomach, it is pleasant to feel that your stomach contracts, when the small amount of food and a few drinks of water are enough for you to feel truly Full. And now with every breath the air goes deep into your lungs, and then it accumulates somewhere either in the area of your chest or around your stomach, and with every breath of warm airflow it gets deeper and deeper into your stomach. You can transfer your inner look out of your body and sense there any feelings.

     From all sides warm airflow's squeeze your stomach, and I donít know which method will bring you to the weight loss. You will just begin to forget eating and will lose patience during nutritious meals, because it may prevent you from doing more interesting things. Or by this or that reason you just stop enjoying some excessively nutritious products. Or you will just start enjoying new products and new ways of low-calorie food and preparing and absorbing it. You will be surprised to lose your weight without any rejections. Now I will count to 10, and when I say 10, your stomach will completely contract. One, the wall of your stomach is encircled with warm airflow's from all sides.

     Two, you can feel pressure on the walls of your stomach, it is very pleasant and soft.

     Three, the walls of your stomach get cool, and warm airflow become cold.

     Four, only 8 spoons of food are enough for you to feel true satiation.

     Five, only10 sips of water can get into your stomach. Six, the walls of the stomach go on getting cool while contracting, and it seems as if thick fog gathers round your stomach from all sides.

     Seven, tiny drops of liquid fall down on your stomach walls, turning into thin crust of ice, it gathers round your stomach like a framework from all sides.

     Eight, muscle fibers are actively intertwined, and the stomach walls become very dense and elastic.

     Nine, after a while I will name the last number and your stomach will completely contract; only to that part of your body, where your stomach is located, it is almost contracted and very small, it is very elastic as if it was a childís rubber ball.

     Ten, your stomach has completely contracted, and then you can take a step and get out of this light energy.

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