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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are excited to announce that we now have an Online Live Virtual Classroom Training Certification.


We feel this online advancement is very important as hypnosis is needed more now that ever before. Dealing with fear, stress, and strengthening the immune system are major topics in hypnosis.


We're in this together and it's vital to help as many as we can get through this.


Thank you for your support.


Rene Bastarache, CI


CLICK HERE for the Virtual Classroom Training Certification



CLICK HERE to go to the Online Group Training Page!



The Hypnosis Practitioner Today! 


NEVER BEFORE . . . has there been an opportunity such as this where you can attend a one week hypnosis training and begin immediately earning an above average income helping others to improve their lives.  This is truly one of the most remarkable professions available today ... and best of all, it's something that EVERYONE can use!




Read This and You be the Judge...

Here are some average (non-inflated) rates for various services offered in the Hypnosis field to give you an idea of what you're getting into: 

The average Hypnotherapist conducting Individual Hypnosis Sessions makes between $150 to $200 per session.  A session runs approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  Your income of course is directly related to your advertising efforts.  An average full time Hypnotherapist can easily have between 3 and 5 sessions a day. 


With Group Hypnosis Sessions for topics such as Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Past Life Regression & Relaxation, you'd normally charge clients between $50 and $75 to attend.  An average attendance would be approximately 10 to 50 clients or more. Sessions usually lasts approximately 1 hour.    


The beauty of conducting group sessions is that you can sell many additional products upon completion of your program behind the room. Many people will want to stop and see what you are offering so they can bring something home to either help them additionally with what they came to accomplish or simply as a souvenir.  Items that work quite well are CDs, tapes, hypnosis related books, relaxing music, T-shirts, hats and various knickknacks.


High Income, Security, Pride and Freedom in One Week!

This Six Day Hypnotherapy Training is ideal for those who have little to no past experience in hypnosis or for professionals who cannot be away from their office for more than one week of training.  This quick moving class starts at the very beginning of hypnosis and completely covers everything you will need to be proficient and professional in your new career.. 

The Classroom Atmosphere is an added bonus as you'll be able to learn from watching others. The interaction through practicing, discussion and observation has proven to be a valuable learning tool.

We Believe that Learning should not be simply a "spectator sport".  You'll be rolling up your sleeves and jumping into hands-on practice within a few hours of the very first day.  We use the Hands-On Approach to hypnosis training and you'll find yourself conducting actual hypnosis sessions as early as the second day of training. 

By the End of your Six Days you'll feel comfortable in conducting hypnosis sessions.  You'll be totally prepared to get started in your new venture and most importantly you'll be certified as a graduate of the American School of Hypnosis.  Imagine being completely prepared to begin a new career earning an extremely high income in just one week. 

Let's face it . . . a week is going to pass by whether you like it or not.  The question to ask yourself is what will you be doing differently a week from now if you don't attend? . . . but if you do attend ... imagine how differently people will look at you once you suddenly start a professional new career.  This is truly a remarkable field to be involved in and now's the best time to to get started.



Some of the Topics You will Learn

If you'd like to review our curriculum in detail, you can do that once you download the free hypnosis manual.  For your convenience here's a list of the main topics to review.

What's hypnosis
Imagination & hypnosis
The mind traits
Sub-conscious activities 
The truth vs. myths about hypnosis
Why memories are not absolute
Why hypnosis is not admissible in court
History of hypnosis
The Purpose of Suggestibility 
Analytical vs. non-analytical
Various suggestibility tests
Classification of clients
Charting the suggestibility of clients
Building a hypnosis session
Organizing the session  
Non analytical session instruction
Analytical session instruction 
What are inductions
Non analytical inductions and techniques
Analytical inductions and techniques  
What are deepeners and techniques
Analytical vehicles - what are they
How do analytical vehicles work
Sample analytical vehicles
Hypnosis scripts
How to write your own scripts
Select hypnosis scripts for training
Getting stuck in hypnosis
Depth levels
Waking hypnosis
Stages of hypnosis
Brainwave frequencies
Correlating brain wave frequencies to hypnotic depths levels
Building a complete session 
Meet and greet for new sessions
Intake worksheet
Common hypnotic misconceptions
Post session report form
Collecting fees and re-scheduling

Session proficiency exercise
Dangers of hypnosis  
Office environment
How much should I charge?
Case Studies
Instant and rapid introductions
Stress reduction 101 
Healing with hypnosis 
The subconscious mind pertaining to healing

Negative statements and their effect
Positive replacements
Effects of Sarcasm
Pain management
Healing techniques
The Bridge technique
Dealing with phobias
Stimuli replacement program
Regression calendar technique 
Other regression techniques
Thought stopping
Color imagery
True / pseudo regression
Regression detective techniques
Wording in regression 

Automatic writing
Additional hypnosis methods revealed
All hypnosis is self hypnosis 
Creating your own recorded sessions    
Six-step self hypnosis process
Ericksonian hypnosis  
Confusional Technique   
Telephone Hypnosis
Rapid Inductions
Emergency Hypnosis
Placebos and nocebos'
Reading is hypnotic
Writing is magical 
Covert hypnosis
Pacing and leading
Meditation and hypnosis
Smoking cessation

Helpful hints
Group hypnosis presentation & format 

Marketing and advertising hypnosis



This is a Complete Basic & Clinical Training Course

    You will learn many advanced hypnosis techniques such as:



        REGRESSION - Past & Present Life





              (Over triple the success of traditional Hypnotherapy)



You'll Receive a One Years "Complementary Membership" in the AIA


As a Hypnosis Certification Graduate (Live Training or Home Study Course) you'll receive a

One Years "Complimentary Membership" with the AIA or you may register for the Complete

Gold Membership for full ongoing benefits as seen below:



To learn more about your AIA Benefits CLICK HERE



We've Removed All the Risks wit our Personal Guarantee!




We are so committed to make sure you're completely satisfied and secure in your choice of the American School of Hypnosis that we offer you this amazing Guarantee!

Anytime time from registration to the end of the first day of class if you're not completely satisfied and excited with your training experience we'll refund your entire tuition price minus the down payment. 


You'll also receive your entire down payment back if you cancel fifteen days or more before the class commencement date. In fact I'll even allow you to keep your class study materials as my way of saying thank you.

We want to make sure that no one feels pressured in attending our training if they're not happy.  As you know, happiness is contagious and we like to keep our students smiling.




      * Our Guarantee applies to any of the "live" hypnosis certification training courses.

     So you can plainly see that:


1. We've done everything possible to prove to you that our curriculum is the best.

2. We've removed any possible risk you may encounter. 

3. We've given you the Strongest Satisfaction Guarantee in the Industry.

4. We've even offered to let you keep all your training materials if you're not completely satisfied. 

5. We'll also help you upon graduation by helping you to build your business with your free AIA Membership.


"So you have nothing to lose by trying and a great deal to gain if successful." 


Sounds like a win - win situation, doesn't it?


"It takes only 7 - 8 Client sessions to pay off your tuition which can be done in your first week..."







See What They're Saying About Our Hypnosis Certification Courses:


     "Rene's class was an enjoyable way to study and become certified in hypnosis.  I got so much from the class while still having fun.  My first success was within the first week when I used hypnosis to bring positive suggestions to my 7 year old.  When he reacted so positively, I knew that, that alone made the money for Rene's class well spent."

                                                   Jo Ann Dworman   -   East Kingston, NH



     "I was amazed when I saw all of the content that this course had to offer.  The materials that were distributed for the hypnotherapy certification training were abundant, comprehensive, and detailed that could be easily understood.  Rene has a natural talent and ability for being entertaining and humorous.  He reads people very well under hypnosis and guides people to the deepest necessary state by using a common sense approach."

                                                   Lois Giancola   -   Burlington, KY


   "A great deal of information conveyed in a relaxed informal atmosphere.  Wonderful interaction with fellow students.  A truly enjoyable, memorable learning experience."

                                                      Zafe Talaga  -  Ft. Lauderdale, FL



     "Rene really opened my mind to the world of hypnosis.  During his classes I visualized myself incorporating so many of his teachings into my private and professional practices.  His personal experience and expertise in comedy hypnosis was vastly entertaining and gave me an in depth understanding and stronger appreciation of the power of the mind."

                                             Patricia Keenan RN BSN  -   Bensalem, PA


     "This course was both enjoyable and informative.  The instructors extensive knowledge, along with his anecdotal style of sharing it, made me immediately glad that I chose his course over the others that were offered.  Knowing that I have access to the school - and can even retake the course or part of it - is a comfort, although I left with more than enough resources and confidence to implement these techniques successfully.  I would highly recommend this course to others!"

                                                                               Karen Shinkle, LCSW  -  Wallingford, PA

      "Being interested in hypnosis and the power of the subconscious mind, I had been in search of a nearby class in hypnotherapy for some time.  Finding Rene's class, I jumped at the chance.  Although taking a week off to take the class was difficult, it was so much more than worth it. " 

                                                 Dianne M. Coulstring - Carver, MA


     "I chose to take the hypnotherapy course offered at The American School of Hypnosis because I wanted a small group experience.  I was looking for individualized training in a comprehensive program.  I saw that Rene was qualified and the school would provide the casual environment.  We felt comfortable with each other trusting and allowing ourselves to practice our hypnotic techniques. Rene was always close-by to oversee and make corrections as needed. We had a diverse group and Rene was able to speak and relate to each and every one of us on a personal level."
                                                                                    Roseann Petropolos, NJ - Dental Hygienist





      "This was by far the best course I've ever taken.  Rene is a gifted educator.  This class appears to be customized to fill the needs and desires of each individual student.  It was amazing how much information he was able to cover in such a short amount of time. This class was very energetic and upbeat.  Never a dull moment.  Rene will give you the confidence to open your own practice and the tools necessary to make it a great success."

                                                   Deborah Dufresne - Montgomery County, NY

     "Rene impressed me with his excellent spirit and dedication.  I chose Rene's school despite the travel (seven hours away) and even the time of year (Winter) because I felt it was the best decision I could have made.  I wasn't disappointed, and I know that he will be there to answer any questions that I may have in the future.  I would recommend this class to anyone who is serious about wanting to become a Hypnotherapist."                                                         

                                                                                Adrienne Roy  -  Verona, NJ



      "At one point in my life I just felt the need to attend a hypnosis class in order to help people in all kinds of different situations.  It has been years since I was at any school and I expected a class-setting but also an authoritative way of teaching.  The way Rene taught was different than my expectation.  Rene taught in a very liberate way, hands on and very explanatory.  Any time I would have a question, Rene would take the time to explain how and why. It was a very nice experience. I would like to thank Rene and Raluca for their nice course and their hospitality."  
Dieuw Thonet   -   Laconia, NH

     "This  course conveys a  wealth of information from Rene's vast experience in the field of hypnosis and uses fun, imagination and humor to drive the lessons home.   A positive and amazing learning experience!"

                                                                                    Pamela Miller - Santa Barbara, CA 


     "Rene offers a very comprehensive and hands on training that is invaluable in the art of hypnosis.  Rene is open to his student needs and seeks to offer a higher level of education to all that attend.  I would highly recommend this school to individuals interested in incorporating hypnosis into their personal and / or professional life." 

                                                   Megan J. Freeland - Davenport, IA

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