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3 Day Individual Hypnosis Certification

Live Training Course


Email Us to find a training date that suits you.


Weekends, Weekdays, Consecutive Days or Spaced Apart...

The Choice is yours!


Contact an Instructor near you to see if your dates are available!


  One on One, Individual, Live Training Tailored to You

Live Hands-on Practice from Day #1

Taught by the Two Instructors who Wrote the Book, "Rene & Raluca"

Certification & Graduation Certificates Awarded on Day Three

"We work around your schedule and tailor the training to your needs."


     This course has been designed primarily for mental health and medical practitioners. It is also ideal for any other types of professionals who have experience in working with clients on a daily basis. 

     Rather than starting your training from the basics as in a 6 Day Group Course we will assist you by focusing in on your specific advanced needs such as:     

     How to incorporate hypnosis with your clients.

     Dealing with depression or anxiety issues.

     Eliminating panic attacks and phobias.

     Or even starting a new practice and marketing issues.

     You obviously have certain reasons why you would like to incorporate hypnosis into your existing practice or lifestyle. This course is the option to fill that need for you.



   You will be trained exclusively by an AIA Certified Instructor T

   You will save time and money from not having an extended stay away from your office.  You will also save on the added expenses of travel, airfare, meals, car rentals and lodging from having less training days. In many cases the savings from travel alone will more than cover your tuition investment.

   Class Dates Scheduled Around Your Availability. You can pick and choose the training dates that are convenient for you.  Your class dates can be scheduled all at once or at separate times, on weekdays or weekends as long as we have the dates available.  Due to a limited amount of calendar days throughout the year, this training is scheduled on a first come first serve basis so you should call soon to secure your choices. 

   Customized Individual Attention.  We will customize your training to suit your specific needs.  We realize that everyone has a different reason to attend training as there are so many opportunities available as a Hypnotherapist.  If you are interested in a certain area of hypnosis such as Past Life Regression or how to integrate hypnosis with your existing Mental Health or Counseling Practice then this may be the best option for you.   We will be able to spend more time working on what you are interested in rather than wasting time on what you are not. 

     This customized attention is especially important if you already have experience in dealing with clients with hypnosis or other venues such as counseling.  experienced professionals are used to dealing with the public often times are able to pick up basic techniques much quicker than those who have never worked with the public before.  We are able to accelerate their training through the basics and focus more on the in-depth techniques and hands on practice which is why they are most likely attending.



"You will be as prepared as if you had attended the 6 Day Group Course.
You can also come back to get all the additional training you want for FREE
at any of our worldwide locations as many times as you like."

... but you won't need to. (read on...)

   3 Days is actually more than enough time to study, understand, practice and be competent as a new hypnosis practitioner.  In fact you will be conducting hypnosis by the end of the first day. 

     With our fast track system of teaching hypnosis you will be able to help others progress in no time. With no other students in attendance you will not be wasting time waiting for others to finish their turn at conducting practice sessions or exercises.  With this advantage alone you can get trained in a fraction of the time.  All of the classroom time is just devoted to you. 

     A big part of the training is learning the facts, background, procedures, and general study of hypnotherapy.  However if that was all sent to you in advanced to read and get ahead to start on, imagine how much time that can save.  Now you would be able to spend more time on the hands-on practice and less on what can be easily done by reading on your own.

   What most people don't realize is that hypnosis is a system.  There is an actual process to conducting sessions that can be taught and learned very easily in a very short time. 

"It does not have to be difficult to be worthwhile." 

     Why do so many schools teach their group classes in upwards to 10, 15 or more days?  Realize that the majority of that time is practice time.  They role-play on each other over and over.  While we believe practice time is very important and we also include more than enough supervised practice time in our 3 day classes, the main reason for so many days of practice is the extra money that a school can make.  Let's face it, teaching  hypnosis is a business and the longer a class can be stretched out the more a school can charge for their tuition.  There is no more training being done, just practice.

     We have two solutions to cover this that will not cost you anything at all.  First, upon graduation you will be proficient by following our system to hypnotize anyone for basic or advanced hypnosis concerns.  The best place to practice is in the field where you can help people the most and make a living at the same time.  In other words, "you" should be making the extra money rather than us.  Secondly, if you do feel you want more hands on practice, you can always attend a future classroom 6 day training at any of our many training locations worldwide, as many times as you want, absolutely FREE.  You read that right.  Free!

     After all, your success is our success as you are representing us and our name in the field.  We stand behind you and offer this option for an entire 3 years, and if you renew your membership, even longer.  That is why we are so dedicated in making sure that you are proficient and ready to get started in business when you leave our office.  We take the time it takes to teach you properly.  That is our job and that is our promise to you.



There Are Many Opportunities That You May Not Have Thought Of


     There is so much available to you upon graduation in addition to conducting hypnosis sessions in a Private Practice.  In fact if you do not want to open an office you will even learn how to conduct successful Telephone Hypnosis Sessions which expands your client base exponentially and has become very popular in this new electronic age.

                                                               You can:


 Conduct Group Sessions for smoking cessation or weight loss.

 Be a Forensic Hypnosis Specialist.

 Conduct clinics for Painless Childbirth.

 Be a Past Life Regressionist.

 Work in the exciting field of Sports Hypnosis.

 Become a Comedy Hypnotist.

 Market your own line of hypnotic CDs or mp3s online or in stores.

 Teaching Adult Continuing Education Classes.

 Become a Hypnosis Instructor.  (Click here for hypnosis instructor information)



The Size of Your Roll is Up To Your Imagination

     Here are some average (non-inflated) rates for various services offered in the Hypnosis field to give you an idea of what you are getting into: 

     The average Hypnotherapist conducting Individual Hypnosis Sessions makes between $150 to $200 per session.  A session runs approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  Your income of course is directly related to your advertising efforts.  An average full time Hypnotherapist can easily have between 2 and 5 sessions a day.  Imagine if you were above average?

     With "Group" Hypnosis Sessions for topics such as Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Past Life Regression & Relaxation, you would normally charge clients between $50 and $75 to attend.  An average attendance would be approximately  20 to 250 clients which works out to be approximately $1000.00 to $12,500.00 for a session using the lower rate of $50 a client.  Sessions usually lasts approximately 1 hour.  With larger groups you would want to add on an extra 45 minutes to an hour for setup, seating and giving them time to leave the building after the session is over.  The beauty of conducting group sessions is that you can sell many additional products upon completion of your program behind the room.  Many people will want to stop and see what you are offering so they can bring something home to either help them additionally with what they came to accomplish or simply as a souvenir.  Items that work quite well are CDs, tapes, hypnosis related books, relaxing music, T-shirts, hats and various knickknacks.

     The average Metaphysic Sessions range from $150 per session for Past Life Regression (This is between a one to two hour session) to $450 per session for Life Between Life Experience: (These can take up to three hours)     

     As a Hypnosis Instructor you would be an Independent Contractor and able to charge whatever you deem appropriate.  The average tuition for Live Training is about $1200.00 as a low tuition to a high average of approximately $2400.00.  The average group classroom depending on your advertising is from 4 to 15 students. 



     Want a SNEAK PEAK of the curriculum?  We'll do better than that, click HERE and download a 446 page copy of the "entire" hypnosis curriculum that we use in class.  It will come to you in pdf format so you can read it, use it and even try it before making any decisions.

No hassle - no pressure - No Gimmicks

     Consider it our HUGE business card!





AIA, NGP, ABC, CBS - Associations or TV Stations?

     The choices of which one(s) to join can be staggering.  There are about as many Hypnosis Certification Associations out there as there are Television Stations.  Which ones are best?  Which ones offer more?  Which ones are out to serve you and which ones are out to milk you?   For someone just starting out in the business it can be as confusing as trying to find an honest politician.  

     Here's the good news.  You don't have to worry about joining any of them because as a Graduate of the American School of Hypnosis you will receive a "Full Year Membership" with the fastest growing, most Elite, International Hypnosis and Self-Help Certification Available, absolutely FREE.  What makes us the most Elite  Certification available?  Go to our benefits page and find out.

     Many applicants do not know the actual purpose of a Hypnosis Certifying Body.  Yes they do give you an extra certificate to hang on your wall but their main purpose is to work for YOU!  They are designed to be a Third Party Recognition that can vouch for your credentials so your clients can feel safe and secure.  That is the actual reason you are receiving a certificate to hang on your wall by the way.  It is a way of vouching that you have been trained by a certain 'Standard" of competence.  This is required in the industry as there is presently no Federal Regulation regarding hypnotherapy.

"Raising the Bar to a Higher Standard of Excellence"


     Upon graduation you'll receive a ONE YEARS Free membership with the AIA including thousands of dollars worth of hypnosis and self-help products, materials, on going training, live home office interaction and more.  CLICK HERE to see what sets us apart from the rest... You'll be glad you did!


How can we offer such a huge benefits for such a low tuition and why?  

  1. In order to understand that you must first understand our philosophy of business.  We believe that it is more important to be Creative rather than Competitive.  We are constantly trying to be creative in finding new benefits and helpmates to assist our graduates in becoming successful.  We believe that the creative mind always wins and operates within a place of unlimited resources.  With the creative mind the sky is the limit.  The competitive mind on the other hand is extremely limited and can only win if someone else were to lose.  When you are in competition you are fighting for a "limited" amount of business which is being competed for.

  2.  Since all of the training materials including manuals, videos, audios and mp3's are offered online, we are saving the cost of printing, packing and shipping.  You will receive all of your materials with the exception of your classroom training texts in downloadable formats, all through the convenience of your own computer.  (One of the many benefits of technology!)   

  3.  We pass the savings on to you.  If we were to ship you the actual books for this course, the cost of the books and shipping alone would drive the tuition price up to at least another $300.00 -$400.00.  




 In Addition to All these Wonderful Benefits, You have "my Personal Guarantee!"


     We are so committed to make sure you're completely satisfied and secure in your choice of the American School of Hypnosis that we offer you this amazing Guarantee!

     Anytime time from registration to the end of the first day of class if you are not completely satisfied and excited with your training experience I will refund your entire tuition price minus the down payment.  You will also receive your entire down payment back if you cancel ten days or more before the class commencement date. In fact I'll even allow you to keep your class study materials as my way of saying thank you.

     Upon graduation, for the next year, should you decide you would like a refresher, more practice hours or just want to re-experience this hypnotic event you may retake all or part of the course at any of our locations worldwide as often as you like, free of charge.

     * This guarantee applies to our "live" training courses only.


                                                                              I Guarantee it!


                                                                              Rene A. Bastarache, CI

                                                                              Author and founder, ASH




CLICK HERE to find a training class near you.




Read What They're Saying About Our Hypnosis Certification Courses:


      "I did look into many other options for hypnotherapy certification.  I am so glad that I decided on the American School of Hypnosis.  Rene's style is relaxed and informal.  His humor and persona made the over all experience absolutely wonderful.  I now feel confident in my ability to hypnotize people and am looking forward to being able to help them.  Thank you Rene." 

Leon (Mic) Allen - Macon, GA



      "What I really enjoyed about Rene's class was that he is very knowledgeable and was able to be adaptable to all levels of  knowledge required.  He knows his material and is able to present it professionally and in an entertaining manner.  Rene's voice, presentation style and confidence make him a great teacher."          


                                                                                                     Sharon Magyar - Chatham, IL (Psychologist)


       I live in Dallas Texas. I enjoyed Renes class very much.  It was much beyond my expectation.  The A..I.A.. material and the hands on practices helped me alot, even though my English is limited.  You can learn everything in one class.  Its very convenience for people who live out of state and there are many choice of the time.  Wherever you live, book your flight and hotel, today.  This is the right place for your Hypnotherapist Certification.

                                                                 Katherine Lee  -  Plano, TX (Nursery School Teacher)


     "Rene brings humor and a wide knowledge base to a subject that could be hard to understand and explain. making it accessible and interesting." 


                                                                                                 Nicole Wolf   -   Portland, ME (Psychotherapist)




    "I found Rene to be an interesting and engaging instructor covering a variety of subjects not addressed in other courses.  I am quite pleased to have received my certification at the American School of Hypnosis."


                                                                  Holly Kline  -  Maple Shade, NJ




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