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Stop Smoking Script

John Klopf, CHP

      I want you to imagine yourself becoming healthier every day... You are now a non-smoker, and you feel great.... Any urge that you may experience only serve to strengthen your resolve to remain smoke-free, and healthy.... You will feel better with each passing day.... Your food will taste better with each passing day.... When you smell cigarette smoke, it will stink, and strengthen your resolve to remain smoke-free...

     You see yourself as confident that smoking is gone from your mind, your body, and your life.... When you hear people speak of smoking, you feel great that you are a healthy non-smoker... Any urge you feel is becoming an urge to exercise, drink more water, and to breathe the clean air deeply into your lungs...

     You feel your body become healthier with each breath you take, and it strengthens you to ignore any urges to smoke.... With each breath you take you are more relaxed, and your resolve to be healthier grows by the moment.... It amazes you how easy it is to become smoke-free and healthy.... You are at ease.... You now have more time, more money, and a better life because you are now living the life of health, and have become a non-smoker...

     All of the things that you did before you will see differently, and it will only strengthen you, and your resolve to be healthier, and smoke-free.... You are relaxed... You are calm... You are happy, and healthy now.... You enjoy taking deep breaths of clean air... You enjoy the taste of your food, and drink... You enjoy the taste of water... You enjoy the accolades you hear about your decision to be healthy, and smoke-free... You have now joined the exclusive club of the non-smoker... It is apart, and better than the smoker... It healthy...

     You are happy about your life now, and you feel your resolve to be healthier grow daily... Any craving you feel is strength to be healthier, and a reminder that you are healthier, happier, and life is better... You are smoke-free, and a healthy person now... You are capable... You are calm, and at peace.... You are better.... All urges only strengthen your resolve to be healthier.... You are smoke-free..

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