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he Magical Library of Change

(Replacing disorders & negative habits)


By Rene A. Bastarache, CI


INTRO: This is an effective script based on imagination that can be used to replace virtually any disorder on negative habit.  Once the disorder has been replaced, this same script may be reused to eliminate others as well.



     Imagine that right in front of you is a library…  It is a majestic building with marble columns and stairs leading up to the large brass double door entrance…  On top of the entryway is an engraved sign which says "The Library of Life"...  You decide to enter the building.

     Once inside the building you notice an elevator over to your right which you decide to enter … It is a spacious, happy elevator … and you feel very comfortable entering inside of it ...  As the doors close you notice a large panel on the wall with many buttons … Each button has a different letter of the alphabet engraved on it … You realize that each button correlates to the first letter of people's last names… So you find the button that has the letter which begins your last name and you press it ...  The elevator begins to move … and finally stops on the appropriate floor.

    As the elevator door opens, you exit the elevator finding yourself in a massive room … As far as your eyes can see there are shelves of books … You realize that on the end of each shelf are the names of different people ...  They are categorized by the last name first, followed by a comma and then the first name ...  You begin reading them until after a short time you find your own name ...  Once you find the shelf with your name … you realize as you look down the aisle … that all of the books on the left side are books pertaining to the positive aspects of your life …  They are titles of successes, happiness, positive attributes and goals …  All the books on the right side are titles of the negatives in your life …  They are titles of things that you would like to change such as bad memories, traits or disorders.

     As you gaze down the aisle you notice that one of the books on the right side seems to be a glowing red ...  You walk up to the book and read the title …  It happens to be the book addressing the disorder or negative aspect you have been wanting to replace …  Take a moment to reach for the book and take it off the shelf …  Once you have done that, nod your head for me ... (Wait until they nod) … Now that you have the book, look at the far end of the aisle …  You will notice that there is a window there …  The window is already open to the outside ... Walk over to the window with the book …

     As you approach the window and look outside you see that there is a raging river down below …  You notice that the river droops down over a large waterfall ...  The waterfall is so large in fact that it stretches out of sight …  It seems to lead into an abyss of no return.

     Take a moment right now to imagine the scenario very clearly …  See yourself at the window … holding the book …  seeing the raging river … leading to a waterfall which goes out of sight …  What I would like you to do right now is to imagine yourself tearing out the pages of this book … which represents the topic of what you would like to replace ...  As you rip out pages … crumple them up and throw them into the river …  Watch them float down the river … over the waterfall … and out of sight forever …  Once again tear out many more sheets … crumpled them up … and toss them in the river … watching them until they are gone … Continue doing this until all of the pages of the book are gone … Get excited about doing it in your mind …  Enjoy what you are doing because you are eliminating the disorder … as the pages are floating down the waterfall and out of sight …  This negativity that had affected you … is leaving you forever …  It is over…  It is out of sight … Out of reach …  Lost in the abyss …

     If you are still holding any more of the book in your hands … or even the cover of the book … go ahead and throw that in a river right now as well … Watch it go down the waterfall … effectively eliminating it from your life.

     Now as you turn around and look at the empty space where that book was … you realize that the space has been filled with another book …  The negative book has been replaced with something else …  Being curious to see what it is you approach the book and pull it off the shelf …  Opening the book to examine it you realize that this book is filled with blank pages … There is nothing written inside … and suddenly you realize that this book is the replacement for the negative habit that had just been eliminated …  You realize that you can replace it with anything positive that you would like ...  Take a moment to think about what positive attribute you would like to fill this book with …  It can be a positive trait … thought … feeling … whatever you would like…  You can fill this book with a hobby you would like to start … positive goals that you would like to set … You can fill it with happiness, love or even laughter …  Take a moment and think of what you would like to fill it with …  As soon as you have decided what you would like to fill this new book with … nod your head … (wait until they nod) … Now that you have chosen what you would like to fill your new book with … realize that this is a magical book that you do not have to write in … Simply think about the positive attribute … and the book will magically be written on its own … It will just fill up with whatever you desire … This will happen in seconds …

    Now that you have filled up your new book with your new "positive" attribute … you can put it on the shelf “to the left” with the other "positive" books. … You now have replaced the negative habit or disorder with a positive one...

     Congratulations on your success!


NOTE:  Before you congratulate your client be advised that you may also take this opportunity if you wish to ask the client if they have any other negative habits or disorder on the right shelves that they would like to replace before they leave.  If so you may return to paragraph 4 to begin the process once again.

     Keep in mind that if it was a relatively simple disorder that had been replaced there should be no problem with doing a second one.  If the disorder that had been replaced was a major one, it would probably be best that you do not complete another one afterwards.

     This script can also be used for subsequent visits to eliminate negative disorders or habits.  It is designed to be used indefinitely for any negative disorders or traits that they would like to eliminate in the future.

     The beauty of this script is that with most hypnosis scripts designed to eliminate disorders or negative habits, once the disorder has been eliminated the process is usually ended.  It is important to realize that you “cannot” simply eliminate a negative habit.  It must be replaced with a positive habit for it not to return.

     Also, in order to ensure that the new positive habit remains permanent it is vital that a follow-up program be developed for a minimum of 21 days.  Referred to our 21 day total habit replaced a program in your manual for research and information on this topic.

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