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Wash the Pain Away



(Read and understand the instructions before using this script)



     This script was designed primarily as a means to alleviate pain however it may also be used for healing. It can be used as a hypnosis script for your clients, a self hypnosis script, with guided imagery, for telephone hypnosis and even by following the instructions live while taking a shower or bath.

     It utilizes features found in clinical hypnosis, guided imagery, Reiki healing and the Law of attraction.

Key points to understand before utilizing the script.

1. Pain is subjective and not objective. You cannot show your pain to anyone because is in your mind. Therefore if you can change the nature of pain from subjective to objective it is no longer pain.

2. Pain puts off energy in the way of heat. If you lightly pass your hand over a painful part of the body you can feel it.

3. Rather than simply eliminating a disorder, it is important to replace it with an orderly attribute. Simply eliminating the disorder without replacement will invite the disorder to return in a relatively short time span.

4. Imagination is the active ingredient or key feature in all holistic healing or hypnotic practices. When conducting this session and it is not important for the client to be in a deep state of hypnosis. As long as they are using their imagination they will be successful. Because of this feature, this script is not limited to simply being used in hypnosis sessions. It may be successfully used over the telephone or even while reading it from a computer screen.



Script Begins Here:



Wash the Pain Away


By Rene A. Bastarache, CI



     Imagine … that you are in the process of taking a shower and just so you are completely comfortable with this ... you can imagine that you are wearing a bathing suit or other clothing if you wish … It is quiet … you are completely safe ... and you are alone in the room ...  Imagine feeling the water from the shower as it touches your body … it is warm and very soothing … You realize that there is something quite different about this water … it has a special healing abilities …

     Allow the water to run over the part of your body exhibiting pain ... Notice how much better you feel as soon as the water comes in contact with that area ... As you know, pain puts off energy in the way of heat. As the water washes over the painful area you can feel something happening … it feels as if the water is clinging to this warm energy and washing it away… As it does so you feel better and better … As the water washes over the afflicted area … it clings to the energy emanating from the pain and washes down the drain never to be seen again …

     Imagine this process on your own for a few moments … of the water pouring over your body … feeling wonderful, as it clings to the pain … and washes it down the drain … Imagine it happening … and as you feel the pain becoming less, nod your head for me ... I will now give you some time to imagine this process on your own ... (Be quiet for a minute or two allowing them time to imagine this process. If they nod before then continue with the script. If not ask them once again “if you feel the pain being washed away, nod your head.”)

     Now, I'd like to take a moment and think of some happy thoughts ... What sort of things make you very happy? … You don't have to tell me out loud … simply think about them … get them clear in your mind ... Once you are thinking you're happy thoughts simply nod your head for me once again …

     Now I'd like you to imagine that these happy thoughts are attaching their positive energy to the water as it comes in contact with your body … As the pain was washed away it left a void that will be replaced with this happiness ... Imagine it … feel it happening … as the disorder of the past is now being replaced with happiness … helping you … healing you … and making you stronger ... Continue to do this on your own for a few moments and nod your head once you have completed the task. (Wait for them to complete)

     The disorder of the past has been replaced with order … happiness … You feel great ... You feel happy … You feel renewed.

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