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Welcome Prospective Instructor,


We've recently enhanced our Instructor Course as you'll see below to include:

  • Advanced hypnosis specialty topics,

  • Money making methods,

  • Marketing and business advertising techniques,

  • Telephone hypnosis, 

  • Hypnosis certification practitioner training and of course;

  • Hypnosis certification instructor training,

We've done this to ensure that our Instructors remain the best trained in the Industry and so you have all the tools necessary to be able to answer any questions your students may ask during your training.


This is just one more example of why we're the leaders in this field and it's our dedicated instructors that help us to stay ahead of it all.


To your Success,


Rene Bastarache, CI




Why Become An Instructor With The AIA?


  $$$ You'll earn a MUCH higher income $$$ - A successful Hypnosis Instructors can make twice the income of a practitioner.  Initially by the new surge of income coming in from your new students and secondly by being an instructor you'll be continually refreshing your knowledge making you a more proficient practitioner.


  You'll be helping others to help themselves - This is a business of people helping people.  Not only are you helping people as a Practitioner of Hypnosis with their personal treatment but as an Instructor you train new Practitioners so even more clients can be helped. 


  It's recession proof - There will always be a need for health and improvement.


  Extremely educational - You'll be one of the best trained Instructors worldwide; see for yourself below.


  Flexible schedule - Work full time, part time or in addition to your practice. Even a part time instructor working only 2 days a week can make a full time income.


  We have NO restricted territories - Instruct anywhere worldwide, start an office or work while traveling.


  You can be up and running in less than a month - Although you have up to sixteen months to complete this course you can complete it and be earning an income in just a couple months or less.



"Prepare to be one of the most well informed instructors on the planet!"

Here’s What You Get With Your Instructor Course:

  1. Hypnosis certification training and certificate.

  2. Telephone hypnosis training.

  3. Advanced hypnosis training.

  4. Training in the many ways to make money as a practitioner.

  5. Instructor training certification and certificate.

  6. Training in how to make money as an instructor.

  7. Success coaching session with Rene or Raluca.

  8. Unlimited Office Support.

  9. Courtesy placement on our Worldwide Instructors Database of active training locations. 

  10. The most important thing you'll receive with this course is permission to teach and certify students through the AIA.


Here's How The Course Works:

The course is broken down into multiple segments. You can take your time or do them all at once.


 Instructor Introduction - Overview

  • Your responsibility as an instructor

  • About being an Independent Contractor

  • The home study advantage

  • Planning what you want!

  • Choosing class dates

  • Choosing a company name

  • Where to meet

  • Webpage development

  • Begin advertising

.....Plus - Hypnosis Certification Training – Part 1

Part one of three in your hypnosis certification training. This is where you'll learn the actual course you're going to be teaching in class. The more you study this the better an instructor you'll be!

 Hypnosis Certification Training – Part 2

Part two of three in your hypnosis certification training. If you are not already AIA certified in Hypnotherapy this course serves two purposes.  First is it teaches you the course you'll be teaching students and second it will also give "you" the certification as well. It's always better if you're also trained and certified in what you're going to teach.

 Hypnosis Certification Training – Certification Part 3

This is the final part of your hypnosis certification training. You're now ready for learning the ways to teach it.  If you're not presently certified with the AIA you would complete your test and submit the paperwork to get your Hypnosis Diploma and Certification and begin your AIA Hypnosis benefits as well.

- You will receive AIA Certification and a ASH Diploma as show above upon successful graduation.

- Your Students will receive the same type AIA Certification but a Graduation Certificate from your school or training facility as you will be their trainer.

 Review, Marketing and More

  • Review the Entire Video / Audio Hypnosis Course

  • Marketing Jump Start

  • "Triple your Clients in 30 Days" by Rene Bastarache, CI

  • "Build a Top Ranked Webpage in 60 Days" by Rene Bastarache, CI

  • A.I.A. Renewals and Membership

  • About the 3 day and 6 day training options

  • Video Training Accompaniment

  • Student Kits Ordering Procedure

  • "Instructor Manual #1 - 3 Day Breakdown"

  • "Instructor Manual #2 - 6 Day Breakdown"

 Additional Training Options

  • The Home Study Advantage

  • 3 Day intensive Individual Live Certification Option

  • 6 Day intensive Individual Live Certification Option

  • 2 Day Plus HSC

  • 10 Day Class

  • Evenings and Weekend Classes

  • Vacation - or - On the Road Training

  • Teaching at Student Location

  • Advertising


 NEW Advanced Hypnosis Training Videos on:


The next three segments of Advanced Hypnosis Training will give you knowledge and insight in most areas of advanced hypnosis.  Now you can be well versed in your teaching being able to answer just about any questions your students might come up with on virtually any topic.

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Children & Hypnosis

  • Forensic Regression

  • Healing, Pain & Stress


  • Becoming the Authority in Your Field - Learn how to become the best at what you do...

  • Creating a Marketing Plan - This is where you begin planning for your success.


  NEW Advanced Hypnosis Training Videos on:

  • Covert Hypnosis Techniques

  • NLP Hypnosis Techniques

  • Analytical Subjects

  • The Total Habit Replacement Program

  • Self-Hypnosis Techniques

  • Weight Loss Hypnosis

  • Cancer & Hypnosis

  • Sports Hypnosis

  • Memory

  • Instant Inductions

 Telephone Hypnosis Training Videos

A series of eight videos teaching you "everything" about Telephone Hypnosis.

In today's competitive hypnosis market every advantage can help... and now you'll be able to teach your students how to "greatly expand" their practices using phone hypnosis.


  NEW Making Money with Hypnosis

This is a complete four video training series on how to make money as a hypnosis practitioner.  Now you'll have everything at your fingertips to teach your students how to become successful.  Not just generalities but specifics that they can use.


You'll be able to teach them about:

  • What to charge for individual hypnosis session

  • Live group sessions

  • Recording your client sessions

  • Having others advertise for you

  • Consignment sessions in your office

  • Telephone hypnosis sessions

  • Passive income

  • E-Books

  • MP3s

  • Marketing

  • Networking with local businesses

  • Partnership marketing

  • Consignment marketing

  • Targeting customers

  • Email collection & Auto-responders


...Instructor Policies & Procedures

  • Student Policies & Procedures

  • Business Organization

  • Student Assignments

  • Scoring their test and registration forms

  • Paperwork process and where to send forms

  • Pricing courses

  • Explaining the AIA certification process to your students

At the conclusion of this segment is when you would submit all your paperwork and forms for your Instructor Certification.


  Success Coaching Session - Once we receive and process your paperwork we’ll contact you for your Success Coaching Interview. We’ll discuss your business plan, make adjustments if necessary and get you on your way with a plan of action…

Here’s How "You" Make Money


You can offer:

  • 6 or 10 Day Group Training Course

  • 3 Day Individual Training Course

  • Two Day Hands-on Live

  • You can receive 50% Affiliate Commission on monthly Home Study Courses you refer for those who cannot afford to train with you immediately.

  • There's a "tuition transfer program" available if they decide to train with you later on so they're not out any money for taking the Home Course first.


  Your investment - Now:

The cost of your tuition. (Just training 2 students will pay off your tuition completely and give you an immediate profit.)

  Your investment - Later:

1.  $150 A student membership kit for each applicant you teach. (This covers your students manual, certificate from the home office, one year AIA membership, unlimited office support and the right to be taught by you: an AIA Certified Instructor)

  • This usually comes out of their down payment so it doesn’t affect your cash flow.

2.  Your monthly AIA Membership: (For your first year from date of graduation is complimentary - free).
Beginning at year two it’s $20 per month – CLICK HERE to see the thousands of dollars’ worth of benefits you get for it…

3.  Your normal business expenses for office rental, travel, meals, new cars, etc…


  Your profit:


Your tuition, minus the student kit and expenses.

Example: On a $1500 tuition - This is what each student will pay you to attend training.
(This is a low  to average tuition example)

Expenses: $150 Student kit + $150 office expense = $300 (this is an estimate)
$1200.00 - This is your average profit estimating expenses ... for just "one student".

The average class size is usually 3 to 10 students.

With just 4 students you would Profit $4800.00. (for one weeks’ work and it would more than cover your tuition.)


Also keep in mind that you would be a mentor to these graduates and many of them will continue purchasing products and attending future programs (should you decide to create some) from you for years to come.



All This for

Only $1900


Here's How to Register Now




Credit Cards or PayPal


Click Here to Get Started  Only $1,900.00      >>>>>>


Add to Cart

* Your receipt of purchase/delivery letter will include your password to enter the course.




Disclaimer & Legal Notices


All of the materials within are designed to be viewed and listened to from your computer.  They are not allowed to be copied, printed, recorded, saved or transferred to other locations or programs without the written expressed permission of the AIA.  All of the books are available online in printed form at our online store if desired. Due to the nature of this course being totally downloadable, once you have purchased it there are no refunds.

From time to time various states or countries may change their policies pertaining to hypnosis. It is your responsibility to check on your state or countries regulations or restrictions before registering.

As we are the American School of Hypnosis and all of our material are printed in English only and will remain so.  If you wish to teach in a non-English country you may create your own handouts, materials or workbook in another language that are in your own words upon our approval but all of our copy written materials must remain in English.




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