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52 pages

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Getting Out


Your Mind



Mental Abilities

to Create Reality


By Rene and Raluca Bastarache


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84 pages 5.5 x 8.5

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     You are about to discover our latest research in the advancement of the mental conditioning process. 

We have organized it for ease of use in the form of a brainwave suggestibility scale.

You will learn how the mind can expand beyond its physical confines in knowledge and abilities throughout the many brain levels and the specific benefits that can be attained in each one. The more you can understand the mind, the better you can utilize it to reach your goals of eliminating disorders and creating new positive attributes.

     Someone once said, “Knowledge is Power”.  If this is so, then knowing how to attain, program and maintain knowledge is to control power itself.  Not only the power to attain personal peak performance but also to have the ability to conform and control the masses as well. This knowledge has been around and practiced by the “Elite” in society (the super-rich and powerful) for many generations.  The evidence of this can be found stretching back as far as the Roman Empire and the Egyptians controlling their followers to do their bidding.

     This profound manipulation is still used to control you today by the elite in government, education, medicine, religion and the media.  Imagine however being able to utilize this marvelous power by assisting people to grow and transform their lives rather than controlling them to submit.

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